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Ford Exchange Carnival 24-26 July.

Get Assured Gift + Savings + Exchange Bonus + Installment @ Rs. 59/lakh/day.

Visit Ford Dealer or call 18004199000.

T&C Apply

Basic discount details :

Ford Fiesta -1.15 Lakh

Ford Figo - 32 K

Ford Endeavour - 1 Lakh

Ford Classic Special Edition - 39 K

Also assured gift worth 12K with every booking.

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Maruti seems to be feeling too much heat , today they are holding a CAR EXPO at SRI FORT AUDITORIUM,DELHI

Discount on SX4 (D) are now upto Rs 86000

Scheme discount 50000

Exchange discount 30000

corpprate discount 6000

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BMW 1 Series - Pre booking special Offer

In an email communication, BMW has informed that the company has launched the pre-bookings of its most important launch in India, 1-Series hatch.And this pre-booking comes with a luring offer. If you are one of the first 100 buyers of the 1-Series in India, you will get BMW Service Inclusive Plus special maintenance package absolutely free

Source: Motorbash

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Thanks for the great list of offers. Any news on offers of the merc c class.

They are giving me a discount of 2.7laks....on a limited version. I can buy the usual c220 with the same discount as well...

However if I dont pick up the limited edition soon, it may go away. I would be left with the usual car then.

What do you suggest?

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I forgot to mention that they are giving me a fantastic scheme of 6% rate of interest. ...reducing.

I have asked them for a discount of atleast 4lakhs along with the finance scheme. ;)

Should I hold my offer or is this the best I can get from them?

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Your effort should be to maximize your discounts for the Limited Edition one, as this is the one they would be dying to get rid of and for you its the better loaded one.

As there is no set discount limit , keep pushing

Its common knowledge that 50 % mercs on the roads today are on a LEASED plan, they offer a variety of these to suit every pocket, they have various options where you can trade , retain or return the vehicle after said years ,you enjoy low rentals , all the tax breaks and easy upgrades

Go through the Star Agility Programme

They have also a few days back launched a myMBFS app that you can download on your Smart Phone that Estimate almost everything.

At another dealership start from scratch , ask someone to refer you to them STAR REFERRAL , this way he would be entitled to a gift voucher worth 30K from Montblanc , this happens when you sign up for STAR LEASE

You willing these ROI can be further decreased.

Try to get the Insurance free and that too the STAR PROTECT PLATINUM

Happy Haggling .

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i would suggest go for c250, i think its a lakh more than c220 but is worth it. c220 hardly moves off tge shelf as buyers prefer c250. you can get arnd 3 lakh off easily on c220.

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Thanks for the replies. Really helpful.

The one that im getting is a c250 aventgarde amg.

The exclusive thing about this is....its a white merc with a black interior. They say it was manufactured last month but I got no clue how that is possible as there were only 100such cars manufactured in india....and that though last year. And no c class in india has white exterior and a black interior.

I wanted a black interior only. And my lack that they have this car. Really surprising.

I dropd in a very sweet message to the dealer saying that if I dont get the best offer by tomorrow. ...ill be booking the bmw sports line. He immediately pulled out another 50k. Lets see wots the best they can offer.

Will keep you posted.

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@ hardeeparora20

Nice work ,Great to hear that.

How come the c220 become the c250 ?

Volkswagen Fully Loaded Scheme

Insurance Coverage for First 3 yrs (presuming no claim)

Warranty Coverage for 3 yrs

3 yr Maintenance Package Covering Labor Cost

Road Side Assistance Package for 3 yrs

All this on EMI of Rs. 9999 for 5 yrs on Polo and 14,999 for 5 yrs on Volkswagen Vento - No Other Cash Offer Scheme with Fully Loaded

Terms Apply.

EMI Calculated on Base Model, subject to change.

VW Dealer Terms Applicable

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Hi guys

Just booked my car. A merc c250 amg :D the latest and most exclusive in india.

For the offer. I got 3.5 lakhs off with a 6% reducing int. Additionally got 2 merc mountblanc pens worth 5k each, 2 merc shirts and 2 bagpacks along with the car. They additionally got a merc exclusive pendrive....sounds like a good deal???

Another dealer offered me a flat 4lakh discount on any latest c class merc...along with 6% finance scheme....however this depends from dealer to dealer...

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@ librankur

All limited amg versions of c class are a c250 with 204bhp power and 500nm torque. ...

This car also has paddle shifts behind the steering wheel....

Amg alloy wheels

Various exterior features

Amg styling floor mats

A flatter steering with sportier handling

I beleive the sport version in the car also re aligns the suspension to a different setting...will let you know once I use this car...

But you gotta pay 1.75 lakhs more for al these features..

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Audi Upgrade Challenge

Unmatched exchange price for your existing car or they pay you Rs1,00,000/-

Audi A4

Down Payment - 5L

EMI - 29400

Audi A6

Down Payment - 5L

EMI - 40500

Offer Includes On Road Price with Registration and Insurance.

Conditions Apply :

Minimum residual value of trade - in car to be 5 L

This is a annual bullet finance scheme

Offer Closes on 14 August

Offer on Limited stock for drive-in customers only.

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