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You need to work a little harder here.

This is a 24 day offer that started on 8 Oct 2014 and will end on 31 Oct 2014,

either they still dont know about it or are acting dumb.

These people are hard nuts , apply extra pressure to crack them.

It would /should be public knowledge in a few days once you see full page ads in newspapers , till that time ask them to check with their higher ups.

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You are right,

.I got a TD of Scala today

Scala has this option for limited colors. Any how this is a challenging offer from Renault. The car is fine in this budget, with very good safety, handling and FE. Some how I felt that this car lagged in that sophisticated drive, that I liked in Ford Classic, Fiat Punto and Rapid. With such a great offer I could not resist. Also the interiors are not so appealing as any of the Maruti products... The Clutch and gear which I disliked both along the high diameter steering. They have the ratios. For city drive and high ways it will follow you. But for curvy roads I felt you have to be within 40 km/h.

And this is a good car in this variant. Maze and Zire can't compete this in Space, Safety, Looks and Elegance.

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Start the negotiation process now , stocks will dry out soon if it is exactly as they say

From here on ,it is bound to get even more tempting by year end.

If you go there , do let us know about the deal they really offerred to you , as against the advertised offer.

This one is worth every bit of your effort.

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