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Test Drive: Piaggio Vespa LX125

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Piaggio Vespa LX125

Oh C'mon the basic theme & motive behind designing & targeting this Iconic machine is the succession of the Classic-theme & the Signature styling, which the 'Vespa' is having since its first-gen MP6, introduced back in 1945.(Shown in the pic below)


And upto the maximum Piaggio has got success in adapting those Retro-elements to the Modern Italian-feel.

The Piaggio-logo, the Chrome Vespa emblem, the Suspension Geometry, the bodystyle orientation all are very well Inherited & adapted to make this machine as Iconic as the very first Vespa scooter itself.

& they succeeded in doing it so. You can always feel the Italian-ness in this machine, Which is as Stylish as a Italian costume & as Rich as Italian cuisines.

Simply Wow !!

The attention to detail beginning from the first step of the stair-case of the Showroom to the Signing-off of a visit is truly a different experience aka Italian-ishtlye.

Its really difference.. smiley1.gif

Now coming to the Vespa LX125 scooter itself.


Looks & Style:

This machine is truly a Style Icon in itself & I think this is the sole reason to checkout the scooter in-person.

Afterall, who wants to check out the straight-out acceleration in a Gearless 125cc scooter which is built with so much Love & Attention. Atleast, I'm not.

This machine is truly Super-glossy & Chrome laden.

You can feel itself by the usage of word, Chrome Applique' in this article.

Beginning from the Front mudguard to the Body coloured Rear-fender, everything is built with so much precision, love & attention that rarely one can come across any quality deficient element. But it was having that too, which I'll share later on in this article.

Quality & Distinct elements of this scooter includes:

-High gloss Paint finish(Hi-definition in Piaggio terms).

-Chrome Signature round Vespa Grille on its Nose section.

-Full Chrome Rear view Mirrors.

-Front bumper Chrome Applique' with Vespa emblem.

-Chrome Vespa logo embossed on front Suspension bits.

-Full Chrome Exhaust Heat shield.

-Tail-light Chrome Applique'.

-Chrome Applique' on Registration plate Illumination lamp.

-3 Spoke Satin finish Alloys.

-Unique Footboard strips.

Engine & Transmission:

Though this is the core point of discussion for every Test Drive but in case of Vespa LX125 it isn't, atleast, thanks to other highly distracting bits.

But its the heart of a riding machine, So It can't be really ruled out. It is powered by a 125cc, 4-stroke, 3-valve engine with Aluminium Head & Cast Iron block.

Intake is controlled by MAP(Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensing & Spark timing is Variable type.

Generating the Power of 10.06PS@7500Rpm & Torque of 10.6 Nm@6000Rpm.

Transmission duties are handled by CVT-Auto transmission(like Activa, etc).

But coming onto the Reality figures, Its engine is no doubt powerful enough to lug this beauty with ease & can cruise at 70kmph with ease but where it lacks is the Relative Refinement against Suzuki Access/Swish 125.

The latter are really Creamy smooth.

Suspension, Ride Comfort & Brakes:

As per Piaggio, its Front Suspension is Air-craft type with Single arm suspension. But I can call it Bajaj Chetak/LML NV-type, as the latter have already got & featured the same technology over decades.

Even New Vespa LX125 features the same, but is truly an Iteration of them in Modern & much Refined avatar.

Yes, its very much Improved, Silent & Refined & is much better than Conventional Activa-like Trailing-link both sided Suspension which tends to bottom out on every Pothole.

So, the Iconic Vespa scores full marks in handling Bad roads & in Ride Quality, but.. but.. but..

It could've even better, if Piaggio India would've gone for better Softer compound Tyres for it, rather than presently ones, which features the Tread pattern what the decades old Bajaj Chetak featured i.e MRF-Nylogrips which are Non-Tuffup Tube-types. Pathetic !! smiley13.gif

Definitely it doesn't suits the Iconic scooter costing 72k(ex-showroom, Ludhiana).

Atleast preferred was the Softer compound Tube-less tyres shod on its beautiful 3-Spoke Satin finish alloys with Central Chrome hub-cap.


My Verdict:

Great scooter with Great, aannhh... Iconic Classical styling touches which really make it a Stand apart in the crowd.

And that's what the Piaggio intended for introducing this scooter.

No doubt, this scooter is much Expensive as compared to its rivals(like Activa, Aviator, Dio, Suzuki Access, Swish 125, etc) which are actually not, as per Piaggio & their respective dealers.

As per them, This scooter is an Iconic machine & is meant for handful of Class customers unlike Activa, et al which are meant for the masses.

Dealers are happy to sell 50 scooters/month than thousands of Activa in the same period.

As per Dealer its the BMW, Mercs on 2-wheels & is as Iconic as Volkswagen Beetle, which is sold at price almost 4-times to the segment to which it belongs.

Can Vespa LX125 can Re-Iterate the Same story again !!

Probably yes..

Piaggio has got every bits & elements right to project this 2-wheeled Icon in Indian Market.

And what I felt the difference, is that While Test Driving this Gorgeous beauty on NH1, even cars refused to Overtake me, thanks to its Stand-out styling. In-less than 2-kms, One Scorpio Vlx & One Toyota Corolla owners shown me 'Thumbs up' for Riding this beautiful machine. smiley20.gif

Are you Reading Piaggio !!

You're near to the Mission you destined.


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+1 sstar. its highly over priced. 78000/- otr in thane.smiley21.gif


Absolutely, I agree. India is not a market where people buy product just to be seen as distinguish (at least this is true for products which sells like anything).


Therefore, to repeat the mass first.

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