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KTM Duke 200 users: Attention Please

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Attention KTM Duke 200 users: Must read Info before Monsoon


Firstly congrats alot on buying the New KTM Duke 200.

Hope you're enjoying the Punch & Muscle of your KTM Duke 200 bikes alongwith its Super-Handling & Corner carving abilities.

But in Incorporating these qualities into your bike, BAJAJ/KTM have done something Cutting-edge into this bike, which includes Advanced Super strong Reinforced Chassis, Alloy Swing-arm, Inverted Front Shock absorbers, Monoshock Rear Suspension & Low-lying Under belly Exhaust.

The last one i.e Under Belly Exhaust no doubt improves the handling many folds by further lowering its Centre of Gravity, but what it makes the Matter of Concern especially in conditions here, where water logged roads are very common & this becomes even more questionable with oncoming Monsoon season.

So, a guy named Vijay has performed a series of tests on the KTM Duke 200 to give us a definitive answer. Vijay has performed the following tests in a place where water was filled till 16.5 inches (upto the knee).

1) Riding at 15 km/h through water

2) Idling the Duke 200 in water

3) Stopping and starting in water

4) Standing in water for 30 minutes

In all the above situations, the KTM Duke 200 came out triumphant without facing any issues. This gives testimony to the fact that KTM and Bajaj Auto have carefully designed the underbelly exhaust of the Duke 200 to be trouble free in the monsoons.

(with Inputs from Motorbeam)

Watch the KTM Water Test Demodr_nishu2012-05-16 12:56:53

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Good bike rewarding to ride,power and handling are in another plane altogether .I own one for the past three months.The only problem i have is that it keeps shutting off whenever we stop after a fast ride.The problem has been brought to the notice of the bajaj chaps who tested the bike and are finding a solution for it.Anybody who is facing the same problem?

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