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Hello All!

In Aug,2011, I purchased Beat diesel and like to share my overall experience with this car. The car has done 20000kms already in 9 months and is going stronger.



  • I know you won't agree with me on this part but this is a very peppy car to drive, in both city and highway, with adequate torque to overtake and manuver.
  • Handling is good, till it reaches 120km/hr, and you start loosing confidence.
  • Interiors are perfect with excellent quality plastic, nice looking central speed console, average sound system and speakers (blue elumination looks swell at night )
  • Head room and rear leg room is adequate for someone with height of 5"10. 
  • Great headlights and foglamps


  • Lilltle unhappy with build quality as rear doors have already started making noices while opening and closing.
  • Very less boot space (if you compare it with luggage space of i20)
  • No temperature meter in central speed console (or I am unable to find it).
  • Front bumper is more vulnerable to scratches.

Conclusion: Its a great car to buy and own, won't trouble you if you keep a good care of her.

 I need to upload some pictures, please help me with that!!  



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 I need to upload some pictures' date=' please help me with that!!  




Just traverse through

Autocar India Forum >General > Announcements 

the last thread on that is named

it contains a lot of useful information for you including posting images.


Also do share the Fuel Economy of your vehicle ?

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Nice to see a very positive & satisfactory feedback on Beat Diesel. Definitely it's a worth & a must listen quote for a GM-Chevrolet India, who tried upto their heels to develop & produce a Diesel car for the Indian people for their daily Intra-City Commute.

My Best wishes & smiley32.gif to both GM India & Ishanb

Posting pics on the behalf of Ishanb of his Beat TCDi.



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Those are nice set of alloys you have there also it looks like you have already broken even buying a diesel vs petrol beat (difference is around 60k) . These days the number of diesel beats is increasing like anything in Mumbai . Many people are prefering the Beat to the Figo even if it is a 3 cylinder engine because the interior quality is better in the Beat and it looks modern wrt Figo .


Also about the temprature guage don't worry there is a warning lamp which lights up when the engine is too hot .

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