Delhi Madness

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I do not see any forum fit for this hence I am posting it here.

According to the box all non Delhi license holders will have to pass the AAUI driving test in order to drive in Delhi as per the diktat of the Lt. Gov. Stop every outside Delhi car (higher chance of a non-Delhi driver) and prosecute the driver. A perfect excuse for Delhi cops to earn moolah on the side, with may be a cut to the LG's advisor. Does the law of the land apply in Delhi or not, since the driving license has an all India validity? I suggest all other states reciprocate by demanding the same for all Delhi license holders, or better still banning them!

Also, if you get off a train /flight/bus/car carry your id with you? Are we heading for a police state.

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Most *****ic idea ever to be put across, are they on drugs when they propose this kind of stupidity. Considering the number of out of staters from Haryana and UP coming in to Delhi every day for business or work, the sheer impact of screening each and every one of them is just preposterous even for a rich nation like US with all its resources, forget about India. Wait till Haryana, Punjab and UP retaliates.

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