Bosch Aquatak Washing System & Hand Washing A Car

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Hi Guys,


My first post here... smiley1.gif


I bought this Bosch Aquatak water washing system a few months ago. Ive heard a lot of people use them to pressure wash their cars every weekend etc. My question is, is it good for the car to pressure wash it with such a machine every week etc ?


However, i intend to only wash it once in 3 months with the pressure wash. Rest of the time i intend to have my car wash boy rinse the car manually every alternate day.


How often would you guys recommend pressure washing to ensure no rusting takes place ? Because when you pressure wash the water forces itself into all the nooks and crannies where ordinary washing or rain water wont reach normally.


On a side note, how often would you recommend manually hand washing a car ? Daily ? Alternate Days ? Or maybe once in 3-4 days ? The car manuals sometimes recommend washing the car daily or as often as possible to maintain the sheen and finish of the body. But will this cause rusting ?



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As far as I know, if you have your car 3M done or a waxed for that matter, its not advisable to wash the car for about 3-4 days after application. That's for the wax to set in.

Its always advisable to keep your car dust/mud free for obvious reasons. It might just generate scratches. Its not advisable to get a car washed from one of the washing centers as they use hard water. This makes the car lose its sheen and get a rough surface.

Washing your car daily with only a soft cloth and water should not cause any problems. It'll help keep your car look new smiley1.gif

As far as pressure wash to keep away rust is concerned, you may get it pressure washed twice a week during monsoons to get off the mud from the under-body. And probably once in a couple of months in other seasons. I have got an under-body treatment done for my car which has helped me keep off rust. Mines almost 4 yrs old now.. not a sign of rust.

Also, to maintain the shine, do apply a little wax or use a car shampoo once in a while. Sure helps.

Happy motoring... smiley1.gif

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My zen is 10 Yrs old :). Looks like it was driven out of the showroom. So much so ive always parked it in the open. My Eeco is a year old.


The zen has started developing rust on the inside of the engine hood and such other areas.


Anyway i bought the bosch machione only recently. So the rusting i guess is an age factor. 4 yrs is nowhere near 10 yrs. I should be happy the car is even staying together. Im wondering how to now repair the rust part. I think theyll have to just cut those areas and do metal work right ? Like for a dent repair.

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