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suzuki slingshot plus issues

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After driving for 1-1/2years and 8000km, My findings are given below

- Built quality is very good

- Gear shift and handle position is perfect

- Very hard to go beyond 60kmph as it takes lot of time to do so

- Mileage is registering poor something between 45kmpl to 50kmpl

- Suspension is very stiff and you can feel every path hole on the road. It is very bumpy to drive on bad roads as with single person riding there is no effect of suspension at all

I have written these things to Suzuki head office and some body contacted me and told me to bring the bike to their dealer tomorrow.

I will post you the updates very soon

If somebody faced similar issues then please share them

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In continuation to my above post, my bike was sent to Suzuki dealer and they have done some tuning for mileage and adjusted the front shocks.

They say that the rear shocks are non adjustable where I seriously have my doubt, because I read some where about Sling shot that the rear adjustable shocks, so I am planning to change the service dealer this time.

Regarding mileage they asked me about my every day usage and the roads I use and it was justified that since the road I used daily having lot of speed breakers and the road is also not good, hence I mostly use,1st,2nd gears so mileage will be less. On this I convinced a bit and want to try out with a long drive in the city and see !!

If any body have information on sling shot rear shocks, then do share with me.

Apart from the above, the bike is an excellent one

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If your bike's Rear Shock absorbers is having this kind of Ring at its base with a hole for Rotary adjustment(as arrow-marked in the pic below).


Then its an adjustable one, else its a Mono-rated one.

Do click the pic of the base of the Rear Shocker of your bike, afterthat some concrete Info can be given.

(Image source: google/motorbeam)dr_nishu2012-06-21 15:45:05

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Updating this topic, I have checked with two of Suzuki dealers and found the same answer that the rear suspension cannot be adjusted any further. The suspension is a very important issue for me as the road I travel daily has lot of speed breakers and bad roads with path holes. Even if I decide to sell this bike, then what is your suggestion for new bike which as really good suspension in the 100cc/125cc segment. I am not really looking at 150cc segment where I need to spend lot of money again.

Except the suspension issue this bike is really good one !!

Please suggest me a good bike with good suspension, reasonably good mileage and for long time usage with bit a lesser budget.

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Please spare me for my delayed reply here.

After reading your query I was about to write Honda Dream Yuga for you.

Even a day back I advised the same for my friend's dad, who wanted a Good looking, Reliable, Comfortable & fuel efficient Commuter bike.

Its a good bike with all the desired features/elements to suit the daily usage needs.

Btw, for how much you've sold your Slingshot125 ??

Else other affordable 150cc alternative for you was Yamaha SX-X or SZ-R, but 150cc can never match the frugality of 110cc bikes.

So, Honda Dream Yuga is a very good & sensible option for you.

Waiting for your Onwership reviews on Honda DY.

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