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Help needed to choose Diesel Hatchback

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Hi All,

Due to hike in petrol price, i am planning to buy a diesel hatchback. My budget is 5.5lk ( on road). Need your help to find a sutable car for me.

Daily travel 70 km. ( looking for good milage car).

Mostly travel in city.

After doing some searching on net, i have short listed following options.

Beat1.0 LT Diesel, Ford Figo Diesel EXI, Tata Indica V2 eLX

I found Beat has 936 CC engine, but others giving much higer than that at the same price range.

Don't know what will be the disadvantage of having less CC engine. Please also let me know the diadvantage of having less CC engine.

Please suggest me Which car will be the best for me among the three cars. Also let me know if i missed any other car in this segment.



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Well I think everyone out here will opt for the Figo as its a proven product and a reliable engine with good performance and mileage. Also it handles very well and is a very stable car.

Disadvantage of small engine is it runs out of breath on highway which is a big set back when overtaking.

Figo according to me is a segment above the Beat as its more spacious , matured ride, and feels a lot safer inside.

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For strict City driving Beat 1.0 TCDi really scores much better over the Figo in terms of Fuel efficiency, looks & equipment levels.

However for mixed(City+Highway) driving Figo is better bet in terms of Adequate power, slightly better comfort & Good Stability, though that doesn't mean Beat isn't stable but Figo definitely have some difference due to its low ride height.

However, another option which you can really consider suiting your lifestyle is Ritz.

Its LDi variant definitely comes well within your budget & Its having everything which you wish to want, Good big car like looks(save your comments for its Rear), Extremely spacious & comfortable Interiors, Extremely reliable engine, High fuel efficiency, Extremely Silent & Refined Drive & many more.

Plus its having almost lowest cost of ownership among all other cars you listed.

Read other threads for; Ritz long-term review

Diesel hatch

Diesel City hatch

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Looking at your bugdet. Figo TDCI Exi does not come at this price and secondly its on road mileage varies between 15 to 17 KMPL in City.

Indica eV2....well I will not advice this case at all. However, if you are keen on TATA and want a big spacious hatch then go for Vista Quadrajet LS which should be well within your 5.5 Lac budget.
Vista will give you around 17 to 20 KMPL in city.

Otherwise, go for Beat LS TCDI with closed eye. Beat will give you 19 to 22 KMPL in city.
Sstar2012-06-11 04:55:36

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