mahindra tigers: only for mahindra fans!

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great collection Raj , a true Mahindra Fan , well where are the boleros and other products , what about the M hawk ?? the Axe was pretty good car but only sad that itsnt avaible in the market for we people it only for defence



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yes, i have to search for cool bolero and commander pics too.

well, on your request, i'll upload the pics of mHawk too...

i have seen the axe buddy, its so huge, it'll cover almost one and half lanes of a normal road... 

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Nice and great pictures. After all I've driven most of their models for thousand of Kms in very hostile terrains,using the 4 x4 many a time to get out of the slush or uneven cart tracks in forests, be it the CJ3B,CJ 4A, FC160 (all petrol models that used the hurricane OHV  2300cc engine), CJ500D, 540DP,(diesels) the Bolero and the Scorpio. These have seldom let me down. I've even  learnt driving on 4 wheels, on a Mahindra jeep.

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@ anjan: agree with you buddy. i also learnt driving in a mahindra armada and 118NE, about 10 yrs back. no vehicle gives you the feel a mahindra gives! it may be unreliable, lacking in quality, fit and finish, as many feel, but nobody can question its tough build and go anywhere capability. and all these not making our wallets considerably lighter!!!

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Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) on November 22nd said it has launched a new variant (customised version) of its utility vehicle Scorpio at the Autocar Performance Show in Mumbai. Autocar performance show 2007 which kicks starts today and will last till 26th November. The customised version of scorpio to be called as

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The true Fan of Mahindra is here sharing some exotic pics of Mahindra , good one Raj , great work for Mahindra , hope mahindra appreciates your nice art of work




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This company's history is an interesting read IMO.

Jeep/Willys bloodline is here:

History 1947: October, first batch of seventy five Utility Vehicles (UVs) imported in CKD condition from Willys Overland Export Corporation.

Lease of 11071 Sq. yds at Mazagaon from British India Steam navigation. The first Willys Overland Jeep built in India at the Assembly Plant , Mazagaon, Bombay.

1954: Phased manufacture of Vehicles undertaken in collaboration with Kaiser Jeep Corporation and American Motors Corporation.

1962: Indigenous content of Jeep goes up to 70%. 137 acres of land purchased at Kandivli to centralise manufacturing operations.

1965: FC 150 Petrol Trucks introduced.

1967: Two wheel drive Utility Vehicles introduced. 101" wheel base and Metal Body UVs introduced. Indigenous content goes up by 97%.

1969: Export of vehicles started, export of total 1200 UVs together with spare parts to Yugoslavia. Exports also made to Ceylon, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

1970: Contracts concluded to export of 3304 vehicles, mainly to Yugoslavia and Indonesia.

1971: Separate R&D section set up.

1974: Maximiller campaign launched to conserve fuel. CJ 4A introduced with new transmission and axle ratio. Collaboration agreement with Jeep corporation (subsidiary of AMC, Detroit).

1975: FC 260 Diesel light truck introduced. CJ 500 D Diesel introduced with MD 2350 Diesel Engine.

1979: Government of India approves in principle, the technical collaboration with Peugeot, France for the manufacture of XDP 4.90 Diesel Engine.

1981: Nasik Trucks Assembly Plant formally inaugurated. Peugeot Engine Assembly Plant at Ghatkopar inaugurated. NC 665 DP Mini Truck rolls out from Nasik Assembly Line.

1983: FJ 460 model introduced with 4 speed gear box. Engine plant at Igatpuri was formally inaugurated by Mr. Jean Boillot, President of Automobiles Peugeot of France for the manufacture of 25000 Peugeot and Petrol engines.

1985: New Mahindra Vehicle-MM 540 launched in Bombay. NC 640 DP with 4 speed gear box introduced. Mahindra MM 440 introduced.

1986: CJ 640 DP Vehicle introduced.

1987: MM 540 DP metal Body Wagonette introduced.

1988: M&M signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hyderabad Allwyn Nissan Limited to form Mahindra Nissan Allwyn Ltd., as its associate company with LCV operations in Andhra Pradesh.

1989: CJ 340 DP model introduced. M&M and Peugeot announced their tie up for the manufacture of Peugeot 504 pick up truck, BA 10 gear boxes and latest XD 3 diesel engines. M&M acquired automotive pressing unit at Kanhe, from Guest Keen Williams Ltd.

1991: Introduction of CJ 500 DI model with MDI 2500 A direct injection diesel engines. M&M bags order to export 10000 CKD kits. Commander range of models: 650 DI, 750 DP/HT were launched with tremendous market response.

1993: Mahindra Armada launched. M&M was the only manufacturer to withstand the demand recession, with increasing sales.

1995: Mahindra Nissan Allwyn Ltd. (MNAL) merged with M&M and Zaheerabad LCV operations becoming part of Automotive Sector. FJ series of LCVs were shifted from Nasik to Zaheerabad.
Business Process Re-engineering Project initiated in the Division. Igatpuri Engine Plant received ISO 9002 certificate from TUV of Germany. Single Cab/Double Cab project was initiated.

1996: New LCV model Cabking DI 3150 & Mahindra Classic vehicles were launched.
New Commander 5 Door Hard Top was introduced.
The company was the first automobile manufacturer to get all the engine types approved for the new emission norms effective from 1st April, 96. IDAM (Integrated Design & Manufacturing) set up for designing entirely new vehicle with the help of internationally renowned consultants.

1997: Commercial production of Ford Escort commenced at Nasik Plant. License & Technical Assistance Agreement was signed with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation for Manufacture of SL Body at Zaheerabad (Voyager with XD 3 and BA 10). Soft/Hard top versions of CL/MM 550, 8 seater Armada, Commander 650 DI with longer wheel base and MM 540/550 XDB models were introduced. Kandivli and Nasik plants received ISO 9002 certificate from RW-TUV.

1998: Die shop Inauguration at Nashik Plant 2-8/8/97.
Voyager launched by the Chairman at Zaheerabad Plant on 12/11/97.
Complete localisation of Cabking model at Zaheerabad plant.
Change over from 3-Speed to 4-Speed Transmission.
400 nos. Army order successfully executed at Kandivli Plant in Mar'98.

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1991 Mahindra CJ 340:



Mahindra Classic:








Current military Jeeps include the "Rakshak", a bulletproof vehicle with ballistic protection designed by the Israeli company Plasan Sasa. Sides and floor are covered with armor including steel, high performance polyethylene and aramid laminates. Mahindra refers to it as an "effective aid in counter-insurgency and anti-terrorism operations as well as on the battlefield." Might want to paint those wheels.




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my cousin used to have a classic like the one show above in green

has anybody seen the mahindra legend, the one with fat alloys and some mahindra's signature on its doors 

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in the chronology of M&M Great Events above I like to add that M&M marketed UV's as Willys till 1967 in the Left hand Drive versions.

1968 The first right hand drive M&M, UV with the name JEEP rolled out from their Kandivili plant (Mumbai). It was not Willys anymore due to the brand name undergoing changes at their parent American Motors Corporation that owned these brands. Chrysler Corporation later bought the Willys / Jeep brand.

1978- The collaboration with Chrysler Corporation was passe. M&M marketed UV's as Mahindra and that name is in vogue till today.

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