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In memory of your EX-Sun-films

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For many years sun-films in which are those plastic-ky sheets glued to the glass/ window surfaces of our automobiles have protected us from the summer heat and all the harmful rays, given us privacy while on the road amidst the erratic and sometimes threatening city conditions, prevented the glass from shattering at the time of an accident and which have now been banned by our hon'ble Supreme Court (let's keep that for another day!!)

The point of me starting this thread here is to help new members to make their decision regarding the brand and price of sun-film for their new car. Hence, lets share the details of our films. Here goes:

Car: Ritz

Brand: Garware

Transparency: 50% sides and rear windscreen

Cost: Rs. 1,100/

Fitted at: Opera House, Mumbai

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Mine is still on my car but it looks like no initiative is been taken in Mumbai to remove sunfilms .


Car -i20

Brand - 3M

CR70 windscreen - 6k

CS50 sides and rear - 4k

Even if I will have to remove the film in future I will never remove the CR70 film because it is transparent and the cops will never make it out . I am not breaking law just interpreting in my own way .

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Thank God that the cops here in Mumbai are not cracking down guys with sun-films atleast as of now. I hope the Supreme Court reviews its decision and makes it clearer regarding the permissible limits as sun-films are a necessity more than a luxury in a country like India.

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Car - Ritz LDI

Brand - Llumar

Sides - 50%

Back - 70%

It is just comfortable than direct sun. No issues with cops so far in Hyderabad

I got it done for Rs.1500 at Maruti Dealer

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