My Arctic White New 2012 DZire ZDi

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@dr_nishu, sorry but I din't find any prominent differences.

Whatever slight difference seen may be due to angle of photos taken and colours of cars.

Sliver colour tends to show creases more prominently than white.

Also, in today's time when every manufacturer launches cars with minor cosmetic changes (to bumpers, lights etc) as facelift, I highly doubt Maruti will let such changes being introduced without any publicity.

Though I agree that minor changes to plastic quality, sheet metal etc may be pushed in silently.

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Latest Update:

Car has clocked 67k kms by now.

Service costs are increasing as the car is clocking more kms as more & more parts are getting wear & tear. 

Reliability is excellent along with dependability.

Replaced its stock MRF ZVTV 2 tyres with Set of New Bridgetown B290 tyres. New tyres are excellent in performance with tough build, silent ride.

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My Dzire has now clocked 76k kms. 

Working pretty fine. Last service took care of any unwanted noise or worn out parts. 

Car now runs on all around Bridgestone B290 tyres. OEM Exide Battery is also replaced with New Amaron Battery recently. Engine is getting smoother day by day as the car clocks more miles. 

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