Ownership Review: Force One

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Hi Guys,

Nice hearing from you all and great to see your interest.

@ librankur: the services cost me around 3150/- (1st Service) and 3502/- (2nd service incl wheel balancing and alignment). I didn't have to visit service center (250 Kms) only for servicing. I plan my visits to my hometown Chandigarh so that I can get the vehicle also serviced during these trips. As it is, I love long drives and if it was not for busy schedules, I would hit roads more often just for pleasure trips.

@ scottzinne: Just some food for thought.. Do you really want a 4x4? I would suggest, if you won't really need that sort of traction, why not go for 4X2 only...

@ Sstar: Thanx pal, didn't think of that.. I would definitely add some more photos.

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@KAYJAY. I will be using it for going to farms also. & during rain we need to go in our old gypsy. so Force one will be fulfilling all my needs. comfortable off roader at bargain price with promising hardware. with spacious interiors. Moreover there will be fine tuning of complete product in 4X4 version. ( I wish )

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