Civic clutch noise

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my 2007 civic mt has been making this weird noise since the last two years.

like that of an old spring that needs to be changed.

i have given it to the workshop 15 times and all they do is lubricate it and return the car.

it works fine for 5 - 7 days and then it returns again.

they say the clutch is hydraulic so there is no spring involved.

recently i got the entire clutch overhauled, with a new clutch plate, and 15 days later the noise is back.

3 different workshops have heard the noise and do not know what to do.

any suggestions?

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Is it a pedal pressing noise or one that comes from the gear lever ? Or anywhere else ?

For the first two situations, I believe it is a less grave issue and can be resolved with cable adjustments. You can try changing the gear oil. It worked for me, when a spring like noise came from below the stick.

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Personally i think its nothing to worry about, keep in mind if you want to replace it, you have to take of your gearbox and it`s like changing a clutch. I think you will find it makes that noise on acceleration and also on engine breaking , the civics are known for this problem with some of the box being weak hope this helps.

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