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Global Launch of COnept Car from MSL

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Global launch of Concept Car from Maruti Suzuki
  The forthcoming Auto Expo in New Delhi will witness the global launch of a new concept car, Concept A-Star, developed jointly by Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki Motor Corporation.

This will be a rare occasion when a global car company would have chosen the Auto Expo in New Delhi for the global launch of a concept car. After being showcased in New Delhi, the Concept A-Star will be displayed at top global motor shows during the year 2008.

The Concept A-Star is for a compact car. Compact cars are normally simple and elegant in design. The Concept A-Star, while retaining elegance and simplicity, will demonstrate sportiness and emotion in a compact car.

Its styling has been conceived in an Indian setting, and it borrows tastefully from our landscape. Within a predominantly European character, there are subtle cues from Indian tradition in the outlines of the Concept A-Star.

Concept cars often do not become production models, being more an expression of futuristic technologies and designs. But the Concept A-Star will culminate in a production model.

The Concept A-Star is, in fact, the precursor to Maruti Suzuki's global compact car that will be launched in the future. The global compact car will be manufactured in Maruti Suzuki's plant in Manesar for export to Europe.

Concept A-Star is significant also because it symbolizes the coming of age of Maruti Suzuki's R & D. Maruti Suzuki's R & D team first displayed capabilities in face-lifting existing models, five years ago.

Their next big step was the Swift model, where a small group of Indian engineers supported counterparts in Suzuki Motor Corporation in developing that world car. The Concept A-Star, developed in collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation, signifies that styling capabilities at Maruti Suzuki are now comparable to the best in the world.

For Suzuki Motor Corporation, Concept A-Star symbolizes the next level of its India commitment. Suzuki Motor Corporation invested in this country 25 years ago, much before it had become fashionable to invest in India. Thanks to regular technology advances, people training, and adoption of superior production systems and quality standards, Maruti Suzuki India produces vehicles of world-class quality. Maruti has been the engine of growth for Indian manufacturing, nurturing a national network of auto component suppliers, dealers and workshops, and rapidly motorizing India.

With a 5-year capital investment of $ 2.2 billion in a new car plant, a diesel engine manufacturing unit, a new engine series and new models, Maruti Suzuki is emerging as a global manufacturing hub for Suzuki operations worldwide.

The next level of commitment will be evident in R & D, with a vision to make Maruti Suzuki the R & D hub for automobiles in Asia. Concept A-Star is a decisive step forward in that direction.


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The Hindu Business Line

The A-Star concept will be showcased at the forthcoming Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi and the design cues from this concept will form the basis for the design of Suzuki's next global model or the fifth world strategic model as the company puts it.

With fish-eyed, LED headlamps, a plunging bonnet grille and air dam (that remind you of a Audi), automatic doors and cameras instead of rear view mirrors, the futuristic and snazzy A-Star concept has one other significant first it has been designed predominantly by Indian engineers in Maruti Suzuki India (MSIL). After the Swift, Grand Vitara, SX4 and the Splash, the new car born from the A-Star concept will be Suzukis fifth world car.

The forthcoming production model of the A-Star will be a five-door hatchback that will reflect Suzukis focus on world-class environmental compatibility and comfort in an A-segment model. It is expected to feature a newly developed Euro 5 compliant, one-litre, all-aluminium petrol engine with CO{-2} emissions that will be lower than those of European competitors. It is also expected to be capable of class leading fuel efficiency.

Indian effort 
The production model of the A-Star concept will be manufactured at MSILs Manesar plant by the last quarter of 2008. A large chunk of the cars production has been earmarked for exports to European markets where it is also be sold under the Nissan badge.

The new one-litre, all-aluminium petrol engine will also be manufactured by MSIL, while the manual transmission for the car is expected to be produced by Suzuki Powertrain India, a Suzuki subsidiary that is located close to MSILs plant in Manesar. The Suzuki subsidiary is already in operation and currently manufactures the 1.3-litre DDiS diesel engine that is offered with the Swift. But this engine is unlikely to make it to the new car, since the proposed new petrol engine is more environment-friendly.



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Lets see how it competes with the Jazz.


But this is a concept car and is gonna be launched in the Delhi Aut Expo , fingers crossed and hopefully waiting for the snaps after the show




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The A Star is a sub 1000cc car. The grapevine news says that it may be slotted just above the Alto and the Splash will be above both these. But where do the Estilo and Wagon R stand ?And  where will the Swift Petrol be slotted vis a vis the Splash?

MSIL is too clever and the Jap brains behind their masterplans, make them more so. They have beautifully planned model entries and slots for each car and variant. We can wait and watch.

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