Whither mopeds in our 2 wheeler market?

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Mopeds earlier were the favourites for many buyers in our country. France is famous for its mopeds and some makers like Suvega and Peugeot tried their luck in India. Suvega (technology from Motobecane of France)as a brand was popular while Peugeot  with its 65 cc self starter +indicator fitted mopeds flopped in the mid 1980's. nevertheless, other brands like the TVS 50, Luna TFR/Plus/Magnum,Hero Majestic, Hero Puch (collaborator Steyr Daimler Puch, Austria) and many others in the 50-65 cc range had a very good run in our markets till the mid 1990's. One moped  named Cadila if I'm not wrong, even had a 4 stroke engine and bombed soon after its launch. These days neither mopeds are advertised nor are their sales figures revealed. Some of them have been discontinued maybe due to slackening sales.

These were not very dependable and were all prone to niggling problems but were nevertheless people movers. They would rattle at 40kmph and at 45-50kmph their bones could have got fractured. Some of the two stroke engines were also unable to withstand the pollution norms. But they were very simplistic to drive and very basic.

Surely these will be a misfit in today's traffic, where speed is mightier than the road.

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I feel Mopeds arent all that good , and looks very ugly , and i would have gone for the kinetic scooter than going for this cheap moped , anyway i dont use any 2 wheeler nor do i wish to.




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Mopeds had their time on the roads, and have served their job of basic transportation pretty well. In rural areas which are not properly connected with proper roads, mopeds serve as the vehicles on bumpy tracks, and they are the poor man's Yamaha. No point trying to fit them int he present urban madness.

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