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After Duster, does Clio makes sense for Renault India?

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We all know the buzz created by Duster in Indian automobile market.

As Duster has earned Brand Renault a limelight, which was missing in the past due to not so exciting product linup.

Small car is bread and butter segment for every company in India. So to take advantage of current buzz should Renault bring in Clio or any small car. (Stripped down Pulse wont work according to me as it is quite Old and also It may kiil existing Pulse).

We understand it takes long time to launch new car, but still if they can, should they launch hot hatch Clio?

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Renault's ideal India lineup should have its own cars, not overpriced, re-badged Dacias and cheap Nissans. Duster makes no sense at all in India, and the sooner it's out of the lineup, the better. Renault just don't have the right machine for that segment. Moreover, they are not doing it right with the marketing in India, and given the complete ignorance in India of French presence in automotive history, they need to get that act right to compete with the more trusted German, Japanese and American brands. Renault, after all, are the people with a very rich motorsport (especially F1) heritage, with their teams winning tournaments and engines winning tournaments for other teams too. F1-crazy India should know of it. The real challenge, however, will be launching cars in a market that seems to prefer sedans (even tiny, cramped ones) over long hatches, as Renault are better known for hatchbacks. Here's what I'd like to see in the sheets.

Pulse- Not as a redesigned Nissan Micra, but as a four-seater, four-door Twingo. This can be the entry hatch or city car.

Clio- A nice B-segment hatch to compete with the Polo, Punto, Vista, Chevy Sail and the likes. Because of this silly 4-metre rule, they may be forced to introduce the older platform here, with a newer body shape, updated to current standards- like Fiat did with the Punto. There is, however, a chance that a booted version will come in as the Scala that circles are talking about- which would be a much better option that the slightly redesigned Nissan Sunny we're not keen on having here.

Megane- The hatch will be difficult to sell here, as it's a long hatch, but once the long hatches from Mercedes, Audi and BMW come in, this will be a cost-effective alternative. This will be a really neat C-segment hatch, and fresh relief from those awful compact sedans. They already have the Fluence, a decent sedan based on the same car, but a tad overpriced, though still a smart alternative to the costly German/Czech cars, and with the Honda City going out, this will be a contender. They can also convert the Megane into a crossover, to compete with the Yeti, Q3 and X1.

Laguna- Taking it into the E segment, they can compete only with the big German marques, and would struggle to match the Skoda Superb on sales, but with the Accord struggling, they too have a chance. The market for this long liftback, however, is very niche.

SUV's- I am not sure if they really have the right cars for this segment. Renault isn't really known well as an off-roader marque, so they can steer clear of this segment. The not-so-impressive Koleos and seriously overpriced Duster won't do much for the company in the long run. They should stick to making regular cars.

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