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A question about drag racing

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Fact 1: Drag racing is all about getting off the line quickest

Fact 2: The car with more torque gets of the line quicker.

Fact 3: Diesel cars make much more torque than petrol ones.

Fact 4: All drag racing cars are Petrol cars.

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Drag racing is defined as the fastest time taken by a vehicle to cover 250/500/1000m (anyone) irrespective of whether it is petrol or diesel .

The drivers reaction time is the most important thing in a drag racing because ever a 0.5 sec delay can make him loose time even if his car is faster .

The tyres are the next thing which need to adapt well to the track surface . Generally a hot tyres stick more to the road surface whereas an excessive heat can melt them . Different rules allow drivers to do burn out before beginning a run in a particular stage .

Diesel has more torque so it is off the line faster but the end of the straight speed will be lesser to comparable petrol varients . Also if the track doesn't absorb all that torque then diesel car will just be spinning in the beginning (that why the linear power delivery of petrol is considered). Some cars also use alcohol to boost octance number and these fuel have specified mix of different alcohols with gasoline to make good power in a high compression petrol engine.

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