kick start bike can be converted in to electric start ??

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Can any bike with kick start can be converted in to electric start.

I was thinking about this to change this on a HH splendor plus.

Do share the information on this. This is very useful I feel that just because a bike does not have electric start, we cannot sell the same !!

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Installing an electric start should not be a problem only if the bike existingly come with an electric start motor in the higher varients . Otherwise it is difficult to match or retrofit the electric start motor . Also one has to remember than the right hand side switch console has to be changed .

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I'm not sure, but I think you can install the self-start system, which is Super-Splender!

Visit the HH Service station or some expert mechanic & ask for same!

Even you can use Passion Pro's kit!

It's very similar to Super-Splender's one & You can get it more easily!

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1. The engine case to hold self motor needs to be replaced, then a chain connecting those.

2. Self motor.

3. Wiring kit & Switch.

4. High power battery.

So, this is not going to be a cheaper mod. If your bike doesn't have self start, I assume it doesn't have Disc brakes too. By today's norm, both are very vital, so why not spend more for just today's norms. Buy a new bike.

If you are just looking for a bike for occasional or city drive, wait and buy the upcoming Variomatic BIKE from TVS.

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