After Moonrover, Here is Elenor! ( fake one)

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After designing the Range Rover Evoque (So called, Moonrover) based on the Tata Safari, the chaps have now based a Mustang Eleanor ’67 Replica on..well you will never guess this one!


Ford-Mustang-Eleanor-replica-4.jpgFord-Mustang-Eleanor-replica-2.jpgThis is based on Chevy Optra! The Company named BigDaddyCustoms done this amazing job!

The Eleanor was a trademarked name given to a 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 for its role in the 1974 film Gone in 60 Seconds. In 2000, the producers decided to revive the Gone in 60 Seconds with the new Eleanor based on the Shelby GT500.

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Nowhere close to the original one.. could've done a better job with the rear part.

Great job done to cover up the Optra.. still cant believe its based on that car.

A more retro-look would have appealed.

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@CarCrazy... completely agree.. Perhaps an article featuring car modifications per model can really be a good idea.

They can feature one car at a time and list custom design options from various known mods around in India... I'm sure there'll be many happy readers.

I have already started liking their used car section wherein they take one car at a time and list down the pros and cons and things to keep in mind while buying a used one...

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