Honda "dream" Yuga - Its my "real" Yuga now !!

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Honda Dream Yuga - My initial owner ship review

I have tried to put all which I went through from quite some time, but entire review is sincere enough with only my feeling and not to offend any body or any brand. This review does not qualify some body to buy this bike straight away as it purely depends on their own feeling and their limitations. I hope you like this though it was made bit longer one !!1.gif but helps others while their decisions.

I am not mentioning any specifications of bike as which are known to everybody already.

Background of a thought

This thought of buying a bike/scooter started when one of my relative took my bike Suzuki Slingshot+ (1-1/2 years old) for a week usage and came back reported me two things.

1. Mileage is very less

2. Suspension (Rear) is too stiff and it jumps on every small pothole which very uncomfortable.

Then after I started checking my bike both the reasons and found they are absolutely correct. I went to a Suzuki service and reported these things and they have done some tuning for mileage and did something with the front & rear suspension.

After this mileage improved slightly but did not cross 45kmpl. There was also an improvement on front shocks but rear was the same very stiff which was actually creating problem to me too, but I did not know this earlier.

I went some other Suzuki dealer where I have given the bike for servicing and told these things and on return of the bike, bike situation was worse than before and when I checked with Suzuki guy he says “Sir your usage is within internal roads, so your gear shifting, clutch, break usage is more hence you will not get more mileage than that”. Ok I agree somewhat for this but they spoiled the clutch which has become very hard and also he said there is no such adjustment available for rear shocks and whatever they are supposed to they already did it. This is where I started thinking to sell out my bike and go for Scooter first. I am not saying that Suzuki bike is bad, but service is really bad who spoil any good bike, because they don’t know how to service it. So no offence on Suzuki bikes. Some thing is not good for one and very good for somebody elseglasses.gif. The Guy who bought my Slingshot felt it is really good for him that it has 5th gear and gear display and the bike he was selling was Honda Shine old modelroll.gif so things are very tricky some times as per priorities.

A Big Search began

Started checking number of gearless scooters and driven most of them. I think I almost finished driving the following scooters

1. Honda Activa – Impressive, but lacks in suspension on bad roads

2. TVS Wego – Very impressive, bit OK on bad roads, but doubts for long term


3. Suzuki Access – Powerful, but complaints on service, mileage

4. Mahindra duro – Good one, lacks in suspension on bad roads, long term

usage durability

5. Honda Aviator – Good in everything and was in final contender list

6. Honda Dio – Did not feel good in any department and body material and

rattling was too bad

7. TVS scooty – Impressive, but too small for me

8. Suzuki Swish – Makeover of Suzuki Access

While this search of scooters was on some of my friends and relatives told me to check bikes only due the bad roads I use the vehicle and also mileage and my height point of view. Then I started searching the bikes

Most of the people told me to go for 150cc+ segment for good comfort which was my prime criteria for search, but somehow I rejected this due to the weight of the vehicles which I personally do not like and my usage was below 10km daily, so in slow speeds you will feel the weight of the 150cc vehicle easily and spending such huge amount for a very little usage so started searching the 100/110/125cc segment. Check the following bikes

1. HH splendour Pro – Good reliable one, but did not like hero badge, used

it for 11 years already, looks small, rear tyre is tiny

2. HH Passion Pro – Reliable again, Cons were hero badge, regular look not

very appealing, body is built with some extra fat items.

3. HH Glamour – Did not like its body built and its shape. Some bad reports

from few people

4. Most of the hero bikes are copy cats of Honda

5. Bajaj Platina – Very lean and not very appealing

6. Bajaj Discover 125 – Not very impressive , built quality bad

7. Bajaj Discover 100 5G – Good in mileage, good pick up, built quality,

gear sound, chain sound were bad

8. Bajaj Discover 125 ST – Impressive in pick and driving comfort, Cons

built looks bit heavy and pricing was high, waiting was there

9. Bajaj Discover 100 4G – Very impressive in every department, except

built quality, but came in to final contender list

10. Yamaha – Only had two bikes which I can look at SS125, SZ-R both

were priced bit high and I had some bad experience of Yamaha service

guys which some other vehicle of my friend, hence ruled out

11. Honda Shine – Everything was perfect. Cons were missing 5th gear

which is reported by most of the people and even I felt when I drove it.

Too many on the road these days and felt like it has become a common

commuter bike. More power, which I do not require and more price too!!

was in my final contender list

12. Honda Twister – Everything was good, but lot of fibre is used to make it

as sports looks and tyre size was thin

13. Honda Dream Yuga – Everything was just perfect. Stepped in to final

contender list

14. Suzuki Hayate – Did not look at it with my Suzuki Service experience.

Showroom Experiences

1. Hero Honda : Was good in hospitality, but nothing much they could

explain about the vehicles

2. Bajaj – Very good hospitality, ready give any vehicle TD in seconds and

very knowledge technically and ready to impressive customers with


3. Honda – Really now body cares you at all, very bad hospitality. Too

much of crowd. They just ask you which one you want and start

preparing a quote. Most of the showrooms talk bit negatively saying

about waiting periods first which kills customer enthusiasm. Pushing

accessories as compulsory.

Final Contenders

1. Honda Shine – There is nothing bad about his, except price and 5th

gear missing.

2. Honda Aviator – Was good in everything, but could not finalise as it was

a scooter which was rejected by most of family members.

3. Bajaj Discover 4G – Was good in everything and price was really good

on road Rs.51000/-. But was rejected due to rough finish, long term


4. Honda Dream Yuga – Everything is really impressive and there is nothing

I could point out except pricing looked bit high, but helpless due to

Honda demand in the market.

Test Drive of Dream Yuga

Nice start up with electric start, good pick up as needed, good seating position, very good suspension in bad roads, easy changing gears.

Good grip on the road due to tubeless tyres specially MRF one.

For the first time felt like I have full control of the bike while turnings, driving, breaking!!

Cons: Handle bar looked bit small where I have to lean a bit, but because of that I was able to turn the bike very easily.

Disc brakes were not there, hence people may does not like this but, for the speeds we go it was not at all an issue and specially I do not like disc brakes which gives sudden impact on the body.

Honda Dealer experience while booking and buying process:

Bit careless approach, but I have to live with it which is very common on any Honda showroom due to the huge demand of their vehicles.

Had a small fight when they said that accessories are compulsory and complained to Honda South Regional Head and within minutes he spoke to the dealer and issue was resolved.

Sales guy allowed me to select the bike from the available lot where I was keen for MRF tyres, so finally I could get one and registered the chassis number in the invoice while booking. Paid total amount while booking and told them that I will take the delivery next day i.e., 01/8/2012.

Finally on 01/8/2012 visited the showroom, by the time I could reach they are ready with all the papers to be signed by me and later on after wait for 30 minutes they got the TR and handed over the bike to me as promised. I did the visual check of everything including the engine oil levels and took the delivery. Final on road price in Hyderabad with number plates, engine guard, leg guard was Rs.58059/-.

After taking the delivery I drove back to office and home and the initial experience

1. Very good easy driving bike like a M800 car.

2. Easy gear shifting

3. Very comfortable seating and suspension

4. Seat height is good and longer seat which fits 3 people easily

5. Engine is well refined and was very smooth with good pick up

6. Gears were very soft and placed in a good position

7. Doing zig-zag driving was very easy in thick traffic conditions

8. Mileage it is too early to comment anything

9. Overall very good bike and first time I felt that a bike you feel well in

command under your hands whatever direction you will take it.


A good commuter bike with good specifications, good driving pleasure within the city and VFM I feel!! And suggest this to others who look for mileage, reliability, good responsive bike.

I present some pictures you might have already seen them else where already.

Thank you for your precious time and hope your enjoyed it !!

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Congratulations on your New purchase gurrala.

Its one of the best on our roads in terms of Comfort, looks, VFM & user-friendliness as far as I examined it.

IMHO, Build-wise its better than Twister, i guess & will be cheaper to maintain too due to more sorted out mechanicals(closed drive chain) & contours(for everyday or with family use).

Congrats once again & have a happy mile munching on it ahead. :)

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Thank you Nishu. Yes it is a VFM bike, simple to use, very good driving control in corners with nice pick up.

The price looks bit high, but it is a Honda motorcycle !! :( you should be ready to pay that extra premium if you want a good built quality and reliability

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  • 2 years later...

An update after long time..

My Dream Yuga finished 2 years successfully and with absolutely zero issues !!

Mileage is around 65kmpl

No rattling at all and believe me you will have plenty with bajaj by now.

Nothing much has changed from the initial feeling and it is value for me for sure.

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  • 3 years later...

Its been almost 3 years i visited the forum due to many personal work reasons. Here is the update of my bike after 5 years of usage. Everything is intact no rattles, engine response is same but feels bit lethargic at times. Braking is good easy to drive. The complaints are low mileage between 40-45kmpl. most important drawback is body getting rusted quickly which was surprise to me for a honda bike.

Started thinking to replace with a scooter again for many practical reasons and in a hunt of a right scooter with great comfort


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