Any online store to shop car batteries from

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Do any of the numerous boarders of ACI shop for car batteries online , if you have done that before and have had a pleasant experience with the online batteries store , do share a link here .

Online stores like that of Exide sell their batteries at MRP , i am looking for a bargain in Delhi,

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I suggest that you should buy automotive

batteries only from the respective dealers

for 5 reasons.

1. Great discount at dealers.

2. Latest and fresh stock.

3. Facility for buying back the old battery.

4. At least 4or5 free services.

5. Free fitment after a thorough checking of

electricals and terminals.


(sent from Lotus Traveller on LG P500)

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May be you can try your luck:

Batteries for Cars

Buy Car Battery Online - Free Delivery & Free Installation

Car Battery - Naaptol

Don't go fpr Naaptol, their reputation is really poor! & I'll strongly recommend you to go for Amaron batteries; as lots of people had really poor experiences with Exide, Tata Green & AMCO! let me tell you mine!

I'd replaced Exide Battery of my Mahimdra Rodeo for 3 times, in warenty & each time they took arround a month to replace it with newer one & this helped to tone my leg muscles! I further investigated with 2-3 local mechanics & an expert from "Bike Guru", Pune; & they all told me that not only Exide, but all other brands, exept amaron are perfoming similar & that too from bike to truck batteries! So I replaced my current bettery with Amaron's dry battery & living happily till now! Amaron's Dry Batteries are also 100% maintainance free, as you don't have to top-up battery fluid time to time!

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Thank you all for your informed replies.

@ rameshbabu - you are correct in saying that the discounts at dealers are the most , i got rs 1000 / off MRP after exchange , though i cannot vouch the same for thorough checking of electrical and terminals , they came , they removed and they fitted .This rainy season i have had to replace so many of them (on my commercial fleet) and no one bother to look deep.

@ carcrazy - you have rightly picked a winner in Amaron , i have had a similar experience with Exide in my Fortuner , most of the time the car runs on loaners / substitute while the original is with the dealer waiting for action.

Heres another query:

If a car can be jump started , is it safe to say it has no ignition / starting problem.

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It's Safe, but do unplug your mobile charger & Make Sure all kinds of interior & exterior lights & AC are off; as sudden unbalanced voltage may harm them!

& If you spend a lot of time in your car, check this out!

It's the easiest way to jumpstart!

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