Ssangyong XIV, mini SUV to pose soon.

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The Ssangyong XIV( production ready) is going to shed its covers soon at the Paris motor show. This SUV, when launched will give Duster(low quality) or Ecosport(lack of BRAWNY feel) sleepless nights.

IMHO, this could easily be brought into India, as the the New Owner M&M can produce this car in India and sell it Dead Cheap & also make India an export hub to cut costs.

This seems to be under 4M, or makes one feel, it could be tinkered under 4M, so this could eat the other lined up Mini SUVs in India for breakfast.

Come Paris motorshow, we are going to see the almost near production variant of this SUV.

With 1.5L CRDI 3 potter BiTurbo already tested, launching this one in India is like a sea breeze.


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Suzuki Alpha!! striking resemblance of the roof and side looks.

Get it here anyway.. will sell if plonked with a diesel engine..

Also, Mahindra doesn't seem to show any signs of getting the Rexton here or for that matter any of the Sangyong's line up anytime soon to India. All we see are a few cars testing on road sometimes..

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The Ssangyong XIV and Concept Alpha from Maruti seem like to be heavily influenced by the Range Rover Evoque, especially with the sloping clam-shell roof.

Personally, the Ssangyong comes across as a Kia soul passenger cabin/roof with pumped up front and rear wheel arches.

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