Next-gen Toyota Corolla spy pictures


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Toyota is now in process of readying its next-generation Corolla. These are the spy shots from Autoblog. The pictures show that the new Corolla would mimic styling cues from the new Camry and also from the more upmarket Avalon Saloon. (Sold only in North America).

We recently saw the new Camry for India and it looks like a Mini-Lexus, and now one can easily expect the next Corolla to follow suit.

Story source: http://www.autoblog..../#photo-5233518

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I am quite able to visualize the front and rear of the disguised car but cannot reproduce in photoshop due to lack of skill. :(

But judging by the New Camry, I can clearly say the new Corolla has a Camry like tail lights treatment, which in turn looks like a VW Jetta's rear :lol: . The front seems to resemble the current Corolla but has smoked headlights and a slightly altered grille, perhaps a more aggressive looking front grille than the current Corolla. The side profile replicates a Civic-ish form. Strong character lines like the new Camry can be expected.

The steering wheel in the interior spy snap looks like the Camry's too. Attached a link of a photoshopped pic done by some anonymous person which I found in google images.

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