Swift Petrol (G-series Engine) (50K mileage) - Stalling Problem

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Engine mostly idles b/w 800-900 rpm. While releasing the clutch in 1'st gear, the car seems to pull a lot of load, engine judders as well. If i do not give decent acceleration on the pedal then the car won't pull ahead and the rpm's would drop considerably, stalling the car. Problem worsens if the ac is on.

I think, releasing the clutch gently in first gear without giving acceleration to the car, should have enough rpms built up to pull it ahead at gradual speed and the vehicle should not stall.

Where could the problem lie?

I have seen that even when i have accelerated till 2k rpms and then released the clutch, the car still judders a little bit and the rpms drop considerably till 1k rpm after which the car pulls ahead.

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I've got the same car docwizard. Face the same problem. I have taken my car to the service station and mentioned about this a couple of times. The answer I get is "its usual for a car 50k kms old to behave this way. Its mainly the clutch plates"

I started facing this problem around 38k kms later.

Also, I do face a few knocking issues as well. Will need to see what causes this problem.

Dr Nishu may have a point here... will check for the injectors next time my car goes for a servicing.

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