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Many, people on FB got it wrong by saying it as an hyundai, but I'm glad to know that all of ACI forum members are very clever & we didn't get a single wrong answer!


The Concept S features a sleek and aerodynamic body coupled with a sturdy design, front grill, long slit headlights and innovative rhombus shaped fog lamps. The styling design of the vehicle's upper body that features a gentle streamlined curve, slim pillars and the large front glass which generates the image of a large field of vision and transparency as well as the sturdy design of the lower body. Moreover, the design of the front grill, long-slit headlights and innovative and unique rhombus-shaped fog lights strongly express the advanced technologies applied to this vehicle.The car is also infused with many technical aspects which further accentuate the look and feel of this car.

The most intresting part about it is that won an award at the recently concluded Automotive Brand Contest 2012. Honda Concept S film won the award in the concept car segment. The automotive Brand contest 2012 was organized by the German Design Council and attracts a number of automakers, suppliers and brands. The Dongfeng Honda S film was shortlisted for the award from over 350 entries and the jury cited it as being fashionable and appealing to tastes of the current generation.The Automotive Brand Contest includes the participation of automakers and related suppliers, and evaluates international automotive brand designs. While more than 350 entries were submitted in this year's contest, Dongfeng Honda's Concept S product film was highly evaluated as it successfully appeals to the fashionable and urban charm of the vehicle.

In order to offer value that exceeds the expectations of Chinese customers, Honda developed the Concept S as a global model based on the needs of Chinese customers. From the initial stage of product planning, Chinese associates worked together with Japanese development team members to study the lifestyles of younger generations in China. The mass production model based on the Concept S will be exhibited at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, and will go on sale in 2013 through Dongfeng Honda.

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