The Mahindra Quanto. Will it succeed? EDIT: Now launched starting at 5.82 lakhs

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Now after thorough analysis Quanto looks like 'Jack of all but King of none'.

It nowhere scores out on out.

And at pricing front it scores below average though.

Mahindra's marketing tream is having tougher job on their hands.

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Mahindra updates Quanto with 'Yoga Seats' at Rear:

Mahindra has tweaked the rear seats of its Quantocompact SUV.


The sub-four-meter Quanto was the company's first offering in the Indian compact SUV segment. One of its biggest drawbacks, apart from the Quanto’s qurky styling, is its uncomfortable rear bench, plus, there's the third row, which is almost unusable. To accommodate two jump seats at the back in order to facilitate seating for seven, Mahindra used a fixed seat back for the middle-row, which was also thinner and couldn't be reclined, resulting in a very up-right, and uncomfortable, seating position.


To address this drawback, Mahindra has replaced the Quanto’s middle row of seats with redesigned “Yoga Seats”. This is basically a new 60:40 split second row seating arrangement with better cushioning, a centre armrest and a reclining function. The Mahindra Quanto’s new second row of seats can now be folded twice, along with the folding third row, resulting in as many as 36 different seating configurations.

According to Mahindra, no structural or mechanical changes have been made, and prices will continue as they were.

(Source: Autocar India)

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Though it's a positive step from Mahindra but I really doubt it will address the the declining sales of Quanto.

Basic problem with Quato has been it's looks, which neither comes as a compact MUV nor a SUV.

In SUV crazy Indian market, decision to buy a SUV (be it compact) is still done by heart rather than for practicality and that's where the issue lies.

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