Any help for rookies? New bike owner here

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I think this question has been asked a lot of times.... :mellow: I tried looking up the internet but i was a bit confused, so here goes... I'm an amateur and i've bought a bike... ^_^ What are the stuff i've gotta do to the machine to make it run at an optimum level? What are the stuff i should check for? and how should i take care of this two wheeler of mine? (P.S. Considering the levels of techiness out here, it would be nice if i got an answer in a layman's language....) Thanks in advance... (P.P.S mine is a simple non-gear bike... do be kind enough to consider this humble question). :)

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Modern scooters tend to hold up quite well without one having to pro actively keep looking after them too much. Just keep an eye on the engine oil levels once every few weeks and get it serviced according to the scheduled and you should be fine. Congratulations on your buy, ride safe and always wear a helmet.


PS : Which one did you get?

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