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I currently use a 2006 WagonR Duo and looking to replace it. I am very confused about which car to buy. My main priority is comfort for 4 family members. I dont care how it drives but the ride quality should be top class. I am even confuse what type of car to buy. Here's what I have shortlisted:

Hatchbacks: Polo, i20, Jazz, Swift

Sedans: Feista classic, Vento, and please suggest

MUV/SUV: Xylo also kinda makes sense as for long trips. I dont like ertiga thought

I like Ecosport(styling..WOW) it going to be spacious and comfortable and when expected on road?

I dont want high maintenance and spare part cost. Preferable petrol.

Budget - Max 10 lakh if worth it..... but preferable around 7lakhs

Kms driven daily - 25-30km (and occational/rare 200km trips)

Bodyshell - Hatch/ Sedan/SUV/

City/Highway split - 95:5

Boot space Importance - Medium

Usage by - chauffer driven most time

Ownership - City

Safety - anything

Prime requirement - Ride,Looks,Passenger Comfort

The car will be used only in mumbai city with occational mumbai-pune/lonavala....etc

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1st thing, remove all the hatches from your mind! why to settle for a smaller car, when your budget permits you much more?

Xylo will offer you ultimate comfort; but it'll be extremely heavy on your pocket as most of the times you'll be driving in city! & It's a headache to carry such an elephant with you in Mumbai!

I think Renault Duster Petrol could be a great deal, but as it doesn't even have basic safety features like front airbags, ABS & EBD, I'll not advice you for going for it!

Mahindra Quanto could fullfill all your demands, but again it's an Mahindra & overall quality is big issue!

As far as my knowledge, you should wait for Ford Ecosport, as it's just like tailor-made for you! It's stunning, has enough space & tall-seating & it's ride is very refined too! If you book any of your preffered cars now, you'll have wait atleat 1-3 months! (Exept for Classic, Polo & Jaaz) which means you'll be reciving your car in December, which will affect it's resale value! So wait for 3 months more & get the perfect product!

If it's urgent, Go for Fiesta Classic petrol Titenium! It's best VFM sedan & I'm using it for 2 years now & I'm completely satisfied with it! Nissan Sunny, Skoda Rapid & VW Vento are also equally good! Do try them before making any decision!

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I would say you should wait till the Diwali and see what new option would you be able to get. Otherwise, in the current list of options, I would suggest you should go for Sunny with more space in the dimensions.

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Hi guys

My dad is gonna use the car with a chauffeur daily and I m not gonna drive it too unless on weekend trips. So drivebility and handling are on the bottom on my priority list.

I am in no hurry to buy the car.

I had quite a long debate and decided to go for a premium luxury hatchback (or car mini SUV like Ecosport) rather than entry level sedan or MUV/SUV

We checked out Polo, Quanto and Swift and striped them off the list. Polo feels claustrophobic(me and Dad both are about 5'8'') and Swift isn't very comfy in rear so is Quanto.

Still have to check out Jazz and i20. Ecosport would be my choice (only because of its fantastic styling and reviews). But sadly now the max. budget is cut down to 8.5 lakhs! I m not sure of ford fiesta classic. Will check it out.

BTW I am not going to buy from these manufacturers:

Tata: Quality is substandard. My friend had nightmarish time with Indica V2

Scoda: High maintenance costs.

Nissan: Though I dont have any problem with Nissan, Micra is girly and any other product is outta my budget. Not so good service network

Renault: Not so good service network. (but it doesn't matter much as car will be in city mostly)

So the bottom line, the list is shortened to Jazz, i20 and Ecosport (and Fiesta classic..maybe)

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