merc vs bmw vs audi vs Vw

which one will you go for  

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  1. 1. which one will you go for

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k... people seriously...... if you are buying one which one will you go for.... including everything in mind

here are the prices





bmw 3



audi a4



vw passat (probably not in this league)



k... leave passat out.....


please choice fast......


i tell you buying a new car is such a headche can't even decide the segmentsmiley19.gif

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3 series cant even seat three abreast in the back and is as fast or powerul as a 1979 3series and its too small a car and doesnt even look gud .Even though i wud prefer a bmw to a merc in this comparison has to vote for the new C class ,and a4 looks  segment down when u see the interiors and passat not worth a mntion in this class

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The new C class for sure.

1 for the quality of service.

2 for the better ride quality and interiors as compared to the low end 320i

3rd reason because 3 series is in mide life and is going to get a partial makeover this year.


I have also been breaking my head over which car to buy and a just waiting for the new audi A4 to make my decision.

Boxter is also a good option at 54lakhs on road if you want a true performer and i might just get the boxter next year if i aint satisfied with the C/3/A4.


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checked out merc c and bmw 3......


merc c-- just upgraded---- 1.8ltrs engine.... 176bhp......


bmw 320i..... 2.0ltr engine...... new bmw with diff alloys, sunroof, xenon lights.....

(not seen it.... but can get the delivery by feb end)


bmw 320d...... 2.0 diesel engine..... why i put this one up is that the guy is offering 1 lakh discount as it's 2007 model........


in this merc is the cheapest

with 320i(new)

and lastly 320d.... (it's 1 lakh costlier than the petrol after discount)


what say?

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superb is also a option as i am getting it through CSD (others are not available in that)... here are the prices

2.8 V6 (P) 1760014
2.5V6 TDI (D) 1942475


the car has a 2.8 ltr engine(petrol)


2.5 ltr(diesel)


when is the new superb expected?..... i asked the dealer he said somewhere in 2010....... any idea?

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and ya.... the guy at the showroom of merc had only diesel AT.... he said he hasn't seen the petrol one himself..... he was saying the alloys would be different..... has any one seen the new c class petrol MT classic?..... anyone has any pics or know how does it look like and how different it is from the diesel elegance one.....

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well please mention any other car if i have missed out in this range......


though Superb is not in this range but thats the costliest car available in CSD so i save 3 lakhs...... thats why i have put it up too.....

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New A4 out by May as i was told.

Alfa romeo out during second half of the year.

Old A4's are apprently being sold at a great discount as they are trying to get rid of the old models.

I would recommend waitning for a few months or maybe even next year, as you will definitely get a better choice of low end luxury cars like cadillac/hummer etc etc


So enjoy making your decision hehe


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i called up gm 24 hours helpline and also send a mail to them.... but got the same reply



We are in receipt of your mail regarding launching the Hummer and Cadillac in India. At present we haven't formalized such plans. We can not commit anything related to that.  Please feel free to contact us at our 24X7 Helpdesk (0120-30308080) for information related to our products offers and our dealer networks.

Thank you for writing into us and providing us a chance to comment.



Though articles on the net say they would be out by end of the year or next year...... same goes for alfa romeo 159......


audi's new version will be out by oct.


well the only two choices left merc c and bmw 3 series


i think i like the new merc more

1. it's cheaper

2. i really like white (cheaper again as it's non-metallic) and white is not available in 3 series.

3. it also has a MT and 3 series only has AT..... MT make the car cheaper (again) and i like MT better than AT......


k.... till now it's all about c class is cheaper.... so here some other comp


new c class has..... ahhhh..... what do you call them.... air ducts i guess.... at the side of it's tail lights for better staibility at high speed


merc spend 5yrs making this one.


the engine now produces 20bhp more and is obviously faster too.


c class is more spacious compared to bmw 3 series.... i think 3 series comes under coupe.


though the bmw is not left behind in anything....... (may be it's even better in some things)... but bmw and merc are strong competitors in all markets...


New Merc will obviously have the exclusivity factor over 3 series as the shape is totally changed and it's all together a totally new car


but i think merc has a better resale value too...... i just saw a add saying jan'08 AT 200k c class new shape 500km done for sale..... called up the guy post lunch..... he said the car is sold off for 50k less than the on-road price of a new car.......


i wonder why would anyone buy a second hand merc for only 50k less.......

but this made me think probably merc resale value is very good......


Does any know if the new c class (20bhp inc) is faster than bmw 320i?


And if you could also tell the 0-100 and 0-60 for new c class and 320i


well 320d (diesel)  is faster than 320i (petrol) in pick up as well as top speed.......... till date i thought all petrol car are faster than there diesel versions


adi19912008-02-04 12:14:24

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