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Maruti Suzuki to Improve brakes of New Swift

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Many Maruti Swift customers had been complaining about the car’s brakes lacking bite while ambling around at slow speeds, especially in half clutch position.The problem had been brought to Maruti Suzuki’s notice few months back, but India’s largest carmaker stayed indifferent to the issue.

The brake pedal reportedly becomes hard and ineffective while on half clutch position and the issue is more accentuated in first and reverse gears, when the speed of the vehicle is very slow.

The possible explanation for this issue is, the engine RPM apparently drops below idling during half clutch operation and due to this, the load on the engine increases and the brake booster doesn’t get enough vacuum to work effectively.

Repeated complaints from Swift customers regarding this issue started pouring in and MSIL wrote in their official Facebook page last month, that the car is not designed to be driven in half clutch condition and whoever experiences the problem must change their driving style, It seems that they'd forgotton about 1991's New FDI policies! However, Maruti Suzuki has silently started calling in the customers who are known to have this problem in order to fix it. It seems there is a minor correction to be made in the ECU software, which will prevent the engine from dropping below the idling RPM and the Swifts which received this correction seem to have no problems with the slow speed braking; but I think that this will creat a new problem & Car's will turn-off & Idle in stop-start traffic!

Maruti is not recalling all the cars, may be to avoid any legal issues & Save their "BRAND IMAGE". I don't think that recalling a car affects manufacturer's image, but it strenthen it by showing that, "we do care our customers!" Also re-programming the ECU might require MSIL to obtain ARAI certification again. Hence, only the customers who reported this problem are being called for the ECU correction.

If you experience a similar problem with your new gen Swift, you can contact your nearest authorized Maruti service station and get the problem fixed as MSIL had made all its dealers aware of the situation.

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NEW DELHI: Country's largest carmaker, Maruti Suzuki India is re-working the software of its popular Swift hatchback to rectify widespread customer complaints of soft braking at low speeds, but denied any 'technical recall' of the car.

Maruti has sold around 2.5 lakh new Swifts in the Indian market, so far since August 2011, when the next generation of the highly successful hatchback was launched in India. Customer's had been complaining of poor braking at low speeds leading to potential safety hazard on the road.

As per reports and customers complaints pasted on the social media networks at low speeds of around 10-15 km/hr, the Swift brake pedal tends to get hard on persistent braking that is needed in congested city traffic and driver's feel loss in braking performance.

After months of complaints on the issue selective customers have been asked by company dealers to get their car checked and possibly rectification of the software in the engine control unit to sorted out any problem they are facing. There have been several complaints from car owners and automotive forums on the issue of soft braking.

The company hasn't released any other information on the issue as yet and said, "There is no recall of Swift in India. We have no issued any technical or engineering checks on the car so far," the company intimated on a query on the issue.

The apex body of automaker in the country, SIAM said that there has been no intimation of any recall on the new Swift from Maruti Suzuki. From July this year, SIAM had issued a voluntary code of conduct by which automobile manufacturers agree to call back vehicles found to have defects defined in the code and intimated SIAM, government and other bodies on any vehicles recalls in the country. However Maruti Suzuki has not termed it a recall so far claiming that that there has been no safety issue for the alleged brake problems in the Swift anywhere in the country.

This is a second technical issue erupted in the Swift which has been one of the most successful brands from the parent Suzuki motor corp (SMC) globally. Earlier this year SMC had recalled around 1.09 lakh Swift hatchback worldwide to repair a defect that may cause petrol leakage. These recalled cars were produced between September 2010 and April 2012. (-ET)

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