pulsar 200ns or yamaha FZ

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i am planning to buy a new bike .. currently i am riding a wind 125 .

I have shortlisted the yamaha FZs and the pulsar 200ns ..

i would be using it for office commuting ,about 20km to n fro. will buying a 150cc FZ make a differnce from my wind125.

i do like the pulsar 200ns but worried about bajaj servicing .

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You have picked two bikes from two different category.Anyway you should decide according to your need.

FZ: good refined engine but less fuel efficiency

Pulsar 200 NS: sporty more powerful engine and will give aprox. same fuel efficiency to FZ.

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I'm a proud owner of 2012 yamaha fz-s.

Its an excellent bike which ticks all the right boxes starting from engine to transmission, comfort, acceleration & refinement but what where it seriously lacks is in fuel efficiency.

Believe me, in the 1st month of ownership(April2012), it gave me 50kmpl & now it gives not more than 35-40kmpl.

So regarding that, I guess Pulsar 200NS will be equivalent & more efficient than this.

So for burning same amount of fuel, you'll be getting 9bhp more to enjoy but at the cost of bit low refinement as compared to super silent & refined yamaha.

If FE & Overall package is the priority then go for Pulsar 200NS, else for super macho style & driving feel go for Yamaha FZ-S or FAZER.

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According to my knowledge and my personal experiance yamaha FZ is one of the best bike. It gives great pick up mileage and suspension of this bike is an amazing. There is no difference in the price of yamaha Fz and pulsar 200.

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