Swift Sport

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great work once again by our Boy - Mndvishnu , he does really make things intrsting , great work Dear , the pics are absolutely awsome esp the Black n white combi one




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Yeah.. I wish Maruti will offer them in India too.. although it will not cheap.


In Malaysia (just want to share..), Suzuki offered 4 models of Swift:


1.5 (auto) in 2 different trim - local assembled - from RM69,999.00(arround Rs8.7 lakhs)

1.6 sport (manual) - 4 door - CBU - RM99,888.00 (around Rs12.4 lakhs)

1.6 sport (auto) - 4 door - CBU - RM103,888.00 (almost Rs13 lakhs)


For Swift Sport, options include Recaro seats (which will delete the side airbags). It is a joy for a Malaysian driver for, at last, a proper manual hot-hatch is offered officially by a manufacturer there. All this while, most of this so-called 'sports-hatch', offered in autos only.

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Autocar had written an article on the Swift 1.6, I think in '06. I have been waiting for it to be launched since then but no news. They will should be crazy to launch it with automatic transmission.


The 0-100 is low and it should be beacuse of the auto. I am sure the car can be tweaked to give more than 130 horses.

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