skoda rapid, petrol or diesel?

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Firstly, Congratulation in advance for taking a step closure to buying decision.

On Petrol Vs Diesel: I think you should only consider a petrol as your monthly running is too low to justify a diesel need. Moreover, if you would still like to go for a diesel then do keep in mind that you would be paying an extra 1 lac of rupees for a diesel variant over the same variant in petrol version car. This extra cost does not match up to your monthly running that you mentioned.

On low running Diesel and its impact: these days, mordern diesel technology is on same step as petrol. So running lower kilometers on diesel engine will not make any harm to the engine.

However, it is generally adviced that buyer should run their cars adequately during the free service duration to have right engine run-in.

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For your usage a Petrol vehicle is the desirable one.

Dont waste extra money on a diesel vehicle if you do not forsee yourself driving around 1200-1500kms in the near future.

Also,do take into account that there is not much difference in Premium Petrol and Premium Diesel , is this a sign of things to come , if Govt frees up everything diesel vehicles would loose all the charm they currently attract.

also this would affect resale value that diesel vehicles currently enjoy.

personally speaking , i would spend the extra money on a better petrol car rather a diesel , think about a honda instead.

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