9 new car launches coming up. Any game changers? Whats your pick?


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Yes thats right. There are 9 new launches coming up next week. The market is going to be swamped by a fleet of new cars across all segments

  • New Maruti Alto 800
  • Honda Brio Auomatic
  • Chevrolet Sail
  • New Ford Figo
  • Tata Safari Storme
  • Mercedes ML250
  • SssangYong Rexton
  • Chevy Spark facelift
  • Tata Manza Club Class

So whats your pick from the new lot and which do you think will make the biggest impact? Will any of these be a game changer?

Lets hear it from you

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Phew...that's quite a few launches taking place! Purely from sales POV, Alto remains the champ.

However for me personally Brio Auto would be the pick of the list.

Chevy Sail is a middle of the road car, its design or engineering doesn't break any new ground.

Figo would be old wine in old bottle with a new cork!

Storme is step backwards for Tata

Rexton will have to carve a place for itself

Spark has a chance with a 4Cyl. diesel engine

Don't know much about Manza Club Class. If its something like Indigo XL, it is sure to find a kitty of buyers.

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I agree with 325i. Though none will be really game changers, it will be interesting to see what the Rexton does. Not a known brand at all but just might spring up a surprise. But the Alto 800 is sure to set the sales charts on fire for Maruti. Im not fond of the looks but car need not be good looking to sell well here.

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the ecosport wkth its stunning looks is most probably going to have a cult following , duster can enjoy its kind of first mover advantage up untill then.

Brio Automatic is THE car i would also put , can some one do a camparo for me , pitching it against maruti and hyundai smal automatics , which one makes the most sense to buy , petrol prices irrespective

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I am hoping that the Safari Storme will be a game changer for TATA. If they price it right, it can be.

The price has to be really really competitive if it has to make an impact. Gone are the days when the Safari and the Scorpio were the only two SUVs available. The Duster is not going to make it wasy for the Storme either.

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There is no real game changer in this list.Brio Automatic may attract Lady drivers.Honda can add max 500 cars in this category. New Alto is not looking Futuristic as Eon but can improve sale chart for maruti.I strongly feel that Tata has delayed Storme launch for past 2 years because they are not confident about the success of the vehicle and it will not help them to improve the sales or reduce the sale of XUV 500.

New figo may help ford to keep tha monthly sales figure more than 6K.Manza is swimming in red ocean.Manufacurers are fighting hardly in Sedan segment which is loosing its shine day by day.Manza have to fight with Dzire at lower end and Verna.Rapid,Scala,Sunny,Verito will make them to find decent sales figure.

Rexon is a good move from Mahindra but it is difficult to survive in that segment where Maruti,Hyundai all failed to fetch numbers.

Sail may be another disaster for GM and they may struggle to sell more than 500 /Month.

I think Entire India is looking forward for the launch of Ecosport which will be a game changer for Ford. I think Ford have to manufacture more than 10 K to match the demand.

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EcoSport surely will be a game changer but yes all depends on pricing and we know how nicely Ford goofed up with the Fiesta.

Speaking of the launches this month, I feel all depends on the pricing, especially for the Rexton which Mahindra is calling it a "premium SUV". Lets not forget, its still a SsangYong- a brand which is not known in India at all. I feel Mahindra must've done some brand building exercise, some teasers etc of the SsangYong brand and its lineup before launching the Rexton. I hope they price it below Rs 18 lakh (ex-showroom) only this will make it competitive enough to the Fortuner.

I am mostly sure Tata will price the Storme a bit higher than expected and then again lower the prices after six months. Agreed that the car is new ground up but the looks and interiors are still quite similar to the orignal Safari came more than a decade ago.

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Alto800 doesnt seem very logical to me as the current Alto is also doing doing selling 10k+ per month but its great that MarutiSuzuki guys are refreshing a good product before it loses its shine. Not really a game changer though

I am eagerly waiting for EcoSport now...its gonna set sales charts on fire if priced in right slot

Is Rexton gonna be launched as SsangYong Rexton or "Mahindra Rextono" or something?

I had never heard of SsangYong until Mahindra brought it so I dont think people will buy a 20lakh car from an unknown Korean brand..I would rather buy such a car from seasoned and popular Indian brand

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  • New Maruti Alto 800 - definitely a game changer for its overall package
  • Honda Brio Auomatic - The Best FE City petrol hatch, going to be the default ladies choice.
  • Chevrolet Sail - Again a Cheap/MJD/Spacious/3yrs promise should make big noise in market. Best choice for Economy seeker & Yellow board.
  • New Ford Figo - just sticker job, so Game Changer
  • Tata Safari Storme - Again Game Changer, its a very good New SUV with old dress. Should pick sales slowly.
  • Mercedes ML250
  • SssangYong Rexton - Depends on price, No for now for its chinese name.
  • Chevy Spark facelift - Game changer, definitely not.
  • Tata Manza Club Class - Yes & No, its cheap yet classy. Should get back cabbies from Etios/Fiesta.

Btw, why Tata is taking so much time for Manza CS. Manza Club Class will be a Game Changer from day 1.

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I think every car in above list is critical for their respective companies.

As every car is coming to adress a vacant spot.

But Alto800, Sail are the two which will be long runners..

Rest will just help to gain volumes momentorily and then it will settle at average levels.

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If Alto 800 will be in this price range (2.25-3.10) I am sure it will give tough competition to Hyundai Eon and Tata Nano. Chevrolet Sail U-VA Diesel looks promising, we need to wait and watch. Honda Brio Automatic could push up the sales for Brio as this was awaited for a long time.

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Just read that there are already over 6.5K bookings for the Alto 800 , that is even before the launch and the official announcement of pricing.How are people booking their vehicles without knowing the actual cost ? Anything below the EON's pricing is fair game.

I guess the legacy of ALTO and 800 will continue with the ALTO 800

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Hey friends here are my comments. A special note is that I have seen the TATA Storm in real !! hence validate my comments if somebody has seen it directly

  • New Maruti Alto 800 - Always a reliable brand, hence it may create some impact on the sales of present Alto,Spark,Beat buyers.
  • Honda Brio Auomatic - Not a game changer, but will have good sales as in hatchbacks there is no good car so far
  • Chevrolet Sail - only for Chevy lovers, but looks to be promising with diesel variant. Price is the key
  • New Ford Figo - Just a cosmetic one, so no need to think much about it, as people will be buying this for its VFM pricing.
  • Tata Safari Storme - A big impact in SUV market in India if priced sensibly, but if you keep the price a side it is really amazing to see such SUV from an Indian company. So it can be either way, but things go positive then believe me it will create a STORM in the market. Please do not compare this with any other SUV like XUV 500 or Duster, it has its own class as " Executive Class". I am not a TATA fan, but Storm lover after seen that in real.
  • Mercedes ML250 - No comments
  • SssangYong Rexton - No comments
  • Chevy Spark facelift - Again a simple cosmetic one.
  • Tata Manza Club Class - People who want to buy Manza will buy this too !!
  • Ecosport - Yes, this will be a game changer next year, but depends on pricing

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This isn't a very inspiring list.

  • New Maruti Alto 800- More like Old Maruti/Suzuki Alto with a new face. Will pull expected numbers, but no more.
  • Honda Brio Auomatic- Slightly better chances amongst city drivers, but no game changer.
  • Chevrolet Sail- Dull car. Will struggle to stay relevant in a year.
  • New Ford Figo- Or rather, ten-year-old Fiesta with a new face. While the old one did pull good numbers, that's just about all we can expect. It lags way behind current standards.
  • Tata Safari Storme- Definitely a chance to do well in the SUV market, being competitively priced and loaded with features.
  • Mercedes ML250- Operates in a teeny-weeny niche segment. Won't sell much, and won't even be expected to. The segment is no game changer, and has hardly any scope to change the game.
  • SssangYong Rexton- Even harder than the ML250, after all, nobody knows about Ssangyong outside the auto enthusiast community.
  • Chevy Spark facelift- Another outdated car gets a facelift. This one doesn't even sell well.
  • Tata Manza Club Class- I'm not too sure about this segment- it can take away a chunk of SX4 sales, but that's all.

So we have three outdated cars with new exteriors (and one is struggling), two niche SUV's that won't see much sales (of which one isn't a known name), an inferior, uninspiring, low-cost car selling at a premium (when the global equivalent is miles ahead), an automatic variant of a petrol hatch and finally two good Tata vehicles. The Manza Club Class and Safari Storme have a chance, but will they take it?

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There doesn't seem to be any game changers in this list, however a couple of cars could throw up a surprise or two - the Honda Brio Automatic (for sheer small car/automatic convenience in our ever congested urban traffic landscape) and the facelifted Ford Figo (priced right is THE VFM candidate among diesel hatchbacks).

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The BMW 1 series and Mercedes A-class may be game-changing launches, as they'll get plenty of new customers to their fold, and also introduce sedan-sized hatches that are actually good value for money. The Ford EcoSport will be another game-changer with its EcoBoost, as also any VW with the 1.2TSi, lower displacement, higher power. A better engine will be a game-changer.

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