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Difference between Optra Magnum 2007 and 2012 Model Diesel LT

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why are you even considering such a dated product ?

i am sure you know that it will be available at a discount in december , wait until then to scoop it , if you really like it that much.

Hi librankur,

Thanks for your reply.

I got a 2007 make Optra magnum diesel. The car ran about 28000 and price is around 3Lac. So i just want to know the difference between 2007 Optra and current optra so that i can negotiate with the dealer on this and make these fittings in the car.

Thank You.

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Dear All,

Yesterday i visited the showroom and saw the car and I have noted down the following.

Exterior: There was not a single scratch on the body! The car is in extremely good condition from outside. They are calming that the body paint was original company painted. When i saw the car it was like impossible to say that the car is 5+ yrs old! i saw 5/4 yrs old cars and all of them looks like that aged but this one totally different! I have noted one strange thing.. this car does not have any Chevrolet /Magnum Batch in the back. Not even the "LT" batch.. all clear!!! Only a Chevrolet logo and that's it. I have checked and found all Magnum Cars has "Magnum" /" LT/"TCDI" logo in the back... Guys whats your opinion?A recent body job done on the boot or Chevrolet forgot to put those batch (;):D)!?

Interior: Neat and clean that's what my first impression when i sat on the driver seat. All Leather seats in great condition. Dashboard clear with out a single scratch.Though leather on Gear Knob is almost gone :(. Rear portion is also clean and clear ( some of the body plastic parts are missing; those are cosmetics thing and not a major issue). Almost nominal outside sounds are coming inside the cabin. AC is good and effective within a min. The rear parking sensor is also working. Sound system is working with the Radio on and is ok to hear.

Engine: Though i havent heard the the sound of a brand new optra magnum diesel engine but i am driving a diesel car and the Engine sound of this car is seems ok to me. However i saw black smoke is coming out of the engine! Do you know why the black smoke is coming out of the car? Any Idea?

Dealer said that because this is a diesel car thats why and one mechanic says that the cars needs the change of engine oil. Whats your opinion?

This car is coming with ABS and Airbag and no climate control because its a 2007 Aug model. The price tag is around 3Lac; i spoke with one of the chevy dealer in kolkata and they said that servicing can be done and spare parts are slightly expensive but availabel. I spoke with this car dealer and they said no mechanical/electrical work is required right now and Car is in good running condition.

I could not able to take the test drive as heavy rain was started so i returned back to home. Though i will take the test drive later.

Guys what do you think? Is it worth to buy? Anything else i need to check? Please advice.

Thanks All....

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I would advise not to buy this car since Resale value is rock bottom. Even if you use for 1-2 years, you will hardly get 1-1.5 Lakh.

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