Need part number of BrakeBooster in Esteem Petrol Vx 2000 model ...

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Hi all fellow ACIans.

Does any one have the part number of Brake Booster in Esteem Petrol Vx 2000 model ?

My car's part gone bad. I want to buy it and I am getting different part numbers from

different vendors/dealers. I tried to check the same in my car, but could not see it.

Probably, the part needs to be removed totally to show the printed/embossed/marked

part number on it. Even the local Maruti showroom and a couple of service centers

could not help in this regard.

When I wrote to Maruti, I got a prompt reply asking me to get in touch with their local

dealer. It is a loop with no positive outcome. I have sent a couple of eMails to

TVS-Girling (now part of Brakes India group) and to Kalyani Brakes etc., but no one

is replying positively. Probably, Esteem is too old... But, since the car is good condition,

I do not wish to leave it like that. It is having one of the best petrol engines ever given

out by Maruti.

So, kindly try and get me the part number.

Ramesh Babu N / nrb.per@gmail.com / +919866228150

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Best way to tackle this problem is get this car to any rally-modification expert mechanic & they'll help you!

Fully agreed. But, without proper working condition brakes, how to take the car to them ?

For that, I need to know who those guys are and where can I find them ? Chennai is better as

it is only about 150 km away from Tirupati AP where I live (the Esteem also lives with us).

Can someone in/around Chennai can help me in suggesting a good mechanic who can

do this `replacement of brakebooster' job for my Esteem ?

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Got the details from Brakes India, Chennai.

Diesel and Petrol cars of Esteem model use different models of brakebooster kits.

Esteem Petrol part # 29049039

Esteem Diesel part # 29049160.

Any other Esteem owner may please note this info. It may be useful. in future.

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