want to buy a new sedan

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hello people

i am new to autocar good to be here

i am planning to buy a new sedan

have short listen




now i am confused as HONDA is considered as best in maintenance free & overall comfort car

hyundai verna has the best looks but i am confused whether to buy it or not

does it hav high maintenance & have heard that hyundai makes weak cars so in an accident its not as strong as an honda

moreover volkswagen is another choice

but in this segment verna & city are considered as the top 2 cars

so help me out which car to choose among the 3?

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Whats your Budget ______________________________
Rs 00.00L

Kms driven monthly _____________________________

Bodyshell ______________________________________
Hatch/ Sedan/SUV/ MUV/Hybrid

City/Highway split _______________________________
00 : 00

Max No.of Passangers -_____________________ ______
Most of the time

Boot space Importance - ______ ____________________

Usage by - ______________________________________

Ownership - ____________________________________
City/ Outskirts

Safety - ________________________________________

Are you OK with pre-owned_______________________
Y / N

Is Aftersale price an Imp. factor
-___________________ Y / N

OK with high maintainance
-_______________________ Y / N

Is Lower GC a problem-___________________________
Y / N

How long you can wait- ___________________________

Softcorner'd Manufacturer -

Prime requirement -
Ride/ Handling/FE/Braking/Looks/AfSS/Passenger Comfort

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Dear Aquib Patel,

Welcome Aboard , we both are in the same boat , i am also finalising a new petrol sedan

Even after filling up the format ,its just too hard to ignore the CITY and would be my choice

Here i am sharing,what i am working with currently


Rs. 20,000 Exchange Bonus

Free Insurance on Vento T/L, C/L Model

Rs. 10,000 Additional Discount on Vento T/L, C/L

High End Navigator with Bluetooth in Vento H/L

Optional Low EMI - 5.99% Interest Rate

Honda City Corporate Edition - Insurance @ 50% Premium

Honda City E, S Model - Insurance + 5K Cash. If Loyalty applicable - additional Rs. 5K

Honda City V Model - Insurance + 15K. If Loyalty applicable - additional Rs. 10K

Verna Petrol - 33K Off Including Loyalty/Exchange

Check with your dealer for exact offers

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Hyundai Verna is absolutely a looker out of 3, but it has all the heriditary issue of Hyundai.

Highway perforamnce, build quality of some areas and components, manintainance are the front on which Hyundai goes to back foot.

VW is built strong but will drill hole in your pocket as it comes at premium price for owning as well as for maintaining.

But it has the best quality on offer.

And Honda is also best but it will cost you less.

Its your call, if you perfer quality over cost VW justyfies the price.

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