Laura L&K Automatic Apr/2007 97K KMS

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What should the Model fetch ?

Vehicle - Skoda Laura

The vehicle is Registered in Haryana

Done 97000 KMS

Fuel Type -Diesel

Transmission -Automatic

Average close to 16-19kms as specified by owner, doubtfull

Date of Manufacture April 2007

Free from visual defects small scratches here and there almost all over , a sign may be of no paint job done atleast recently.

Paint Job- None visible

Billed Amount-22.5L when bought

Interiors -All Clean,leather treatment all over.

Registration No. - VIP ,Single Digit ,James Bond

Service history full till date

I personally drove it today and boy was it fun.

With your assistance would like to close the deal soon,so shoot your recommendations and other things to look out for in this very class of vehicle.

Most importantly what should i pay for it ?

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Apart from the initial purchase cost, also consider the costs on insurance,

quarterly/half-yearly/annual service charges, replacement of end-of-life-parts

like batteries, tyres, fuel pumps, brakeliners, etc., etc.,

Give it a thorough and a technical check up before you add up all these things

and then, decide.

If it exceeds 7 lakhs, then, I personally feel that you should go in for a new car

(even if by stretching your budget a bit more) than take a 1L-km driven second

hand car. A new comes with a 2 or even 3 year warranty which gives you peace.

A second hand car does not come with it.

Let us know your final decision, dear. All the best.

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