Delhi Auto Expo 2008 Pictures


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Thanks for the information and the "aankho dekha haal" FRG. We are very lucky being a thousand or more Kms away, watching all the going on over at Pragati Maidan. We do not face any parking hassles or any Gate no.1 or no.7 entry problems being ensconced on our cushy chairs at home. The AC India website is a miracle for all of us here and has happened only a few months before the Expo.. Keep it up FRG, zander, adi1991 and all our other friends out there at the Expo. 

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FRG, can you specifically please split the Hybrids into

1. Fuel Cell

2. Plug in

3. Conventional Engine hybrid

In the long term I have a feeling that No.1 has the best chance.

I can bet there are no alcohol Fuel Cell and Gas Turbine applications to be seen!

sgiitk2008-01-12 16:34:03

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The Chevy
























Honda Jazz


























 Hyundai Veloster (codenamed HND-3) is a daring concept car.














DC Ambierod


















Aangad Paul, chief executive officer of Caparo Group sits next to Caparo T1.






















Models pose beside the crossover coupe Hyundai QarmaQ.
Source   Rediffnews


The Chevy T2X concept car
autocarindia2008-01-14 06:14:50
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