Bajaj RE 60 Caught testing in Pune!

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Bajaj RE60, a joint venture which Bajaj Auto had entered into along with Renault-Nissan, was recently caught heavily camouflaged on test on the streets of Pune. The vehicle was earlier seen at the 2012 Delhi Auto Show and judging from its alloy wheels which were apparent through the disguise, it was the top variant RE60 which was on test.

RE stands for Rear Engined while 60 is the 60 g/km of CO2 that the vehicle emits. RE60 possesses a 200cc water cooled DTSi engine offering 15 to 20 bhp power and a top speed of 70 kmph. Mileage is expected to be at 35 kmpl and the company expects to launch this new RE60 by early 2013. RE60 weighs 400 kgs, can seat upto four persons and will be priced under Rs.1 lakh.

RE 60 will be available in a petrol variant and also in an LPG and CNG option though there is no diesel or electric options scheduled as on date. RE60 is actually a product of a joint venture that Bajaj entered into through an Indo-German-Japanese venture which hoped to develop a small car to compete with the Tata Nano. Nissan Renault are no longer part of this project.


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