Need a new bike at the budget of 90k

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Hi the I am Kush Mishra and am a student,

I want to purchase a bike within 90k (on-road), I live in a town called Rawatbhata and the roards are nicely laid here.

Really less traffic is observed as is signified by the presence of no traffic signals.

I would really rarely travell to Kota that is 50 kms from my place and its a big city with a lot of traffic.

So now that you know the road conditions let me tell you the rider conditions. Mostly, I would ride alone or my dad might take the bike, or sometimes we both will ride while I am supposed to drive.

So it will be 75% individual riding and 25% double riding of the total time.

Having no prior knowledge about this stuff, I would really appreciate your help.

Thanking you,

Kush Mishra

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I've checked & found out that both 200NS & Avanger are arround 90-95k on road even in Mumbai, which is maximum, you can save arround 3-4 thousand by registering in any small city & another 1-2k if you register in any small town, which doesn't have OCTROI or LBT!

In case of fazer, I'll go with FZ16, as it looks way cooler than fazer & is cheap by considerable amount! If you wanted to ride hard-core then Apache 180 is also a good option!

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From what I think, after visiting showrooms and all I have gone all the way to CB Unicorn Dazzler, Pulsar 150 and Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge.

Don't want to go for Yamaha as for service problems will be here in my town and 160cc will be more than enough for me.

From the Above mentioned, namely, CB Unicorn Dazzler, Pulsar 150 and Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge, which one should I get as considering the needs in my first post.

If its apache then, is apache suitable for carrying a female pillion (my mom) ?

I could have gone for FZ16 or even FZ-S but my Dad's height is way less than mine and so he will feel awkward on it :P.

So, where should I go ?

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I still would recommend FZ than Pulsar NS as the history of erstwhile Pulsars fails to impress me.

In 2 yrs time, NS would be in its 3rd or 4th gen and your Pulsar might be in needs to be redone for 3 times and spares or resale are a thing Pulsars are never known for..

Another Important thing, the NS is too hydrocele friendly. Every sudden brake will make you shout n top of your voice, so TD it thoroughly before purchasing.

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I might check the bikes out today as a TD as I am going to the city today most probably.

Fingers crossed! Lets see what happens. I am considering either FZ or the Apache RTR 160 Hyper Edge. Now whichever dad might like. :P

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