SCOOP! Isuzu MU-7 SUV spied in Pune!


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First-ever spy pictures of the Isuzu MU-7 spied in India. Carries an MH-12 red plate, any guesses who is planning to bring this to India?

This one comes with a 3.0-litre diesel engine with approx 146bhp in ASEAN markets.

Do you think this is good enough to compete with Fortuner and the new Rexton?




Images sent by Autocar India readers: Bharat Manghnani and Rohit Tonapi.

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Nice catch there. The SUV market is really hotting up and what now with Isuzu joining the fray. The headlights look very Cadillac Escalade types and the side profile reminds me of the Force One. And thats quite a bit of ground clearance there. Isuzus have been popular here in the 80s as imports and the Izuzu diesels have done duty in cars here like the Amby and the Contessa and reliability is proven

Will be interesting to see when this will be launched and at what price.

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Hmmm. Isuzu. General Motors. Does that mean this will come here instead of the beautiful Chevrolet Trailblazer?

If so, I've lost whatever respect I had left for GM and Chevy in India. First the Sail, now this?

Here's the Trailblazer, for comparison:


Unless, of course, this is a sub-Trailblazer SUV to take on the Force One and the Safari. Then it's great!

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The front some how reminds me of the Cadillac Escalade.

Side looks inspired from the Ford endeavor .

But overall pretty old-school & looks spacious

15-16L Ex-showroom pricing would be the sweet spot for this one to grab attention

Very Well discription about this car! It'll surely shake Forutuner's & Enedeavor's dominance in the market (If it came with another badge on it!)

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Looks quite odd to me.

This sharper design may not suite Indian taste.

Also generous dimensions are also conisdered to be problematic, atleast IMO.

Is Isuzu wants to repeat the story of Force One?

Heard that HM will carryout the assembly of this monster but what about A.S.S?

Looks like Everyone has caught by fever of SUVs .

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If I am not wrong, a rebadged Traiblazer will replace this MU7 in ASEAN markets. ACI recently had a small story about the new Trailblazer being too expensive for Chevy to bring to India. So maybe they might bring this here at a lower price point.

IIRC they (ACI) had mentioned GM had to shelve the plans to bring the Trailblazer to India because it is TOO BIG & cannot accommodate in thier PAINT BOOTH.

^ I was amused on that one

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Whats with that huge bonnet scoop, there must be really something huge its trying to cool there ?

The back is where I differ, it looks to me more like the Innovas ugly back .Do some changes in the rear , atleast change the rear light cluster , make the rear as striking as the front.

Anyways,a stunner by all means.I doubt it being launched at the above mentioned price band.

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To me its more of like a blend of 2 SUVs, as its Force One from side profile, Rear is very much Hyundai Terracan-like while the front is very much Cadillac like.

Just see the New Captiva 2012 below,


Though GM is having stakes in ISUZU but I don't think they'll be bringing it here, when they're having gigantic plans of launching Trailblazer & Treker(Mini SUV-TRAX) here.

I'm skeptical where GM India is going to position it inbetween !

IMHO, Great wall Hover(which is currently undergoing testing by Sonalika International) is a better looker than ISUZU.

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Also I have heard that the Paintshop issue, which is stopping Trailblazer's blazing march into India, is going to be sorted out by outsourcing that job to some established manufacturer nearby.

I think GM is well aware about the potential of that SUV and will not hold it back because of silly issue like this.

Once agian ISUZU looks ugly, IMO :ph34r:

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on this friday I've spoted 2013 GMC Yukon, but was unfortunate to grab pics! & some peoples have also spoted new capativa in India & there are also rumors about chevy Trax; so after all above observations, I've came to a conclusion that Chevy is confusing opponents with this models & they are going to do something unpridictible!


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Indian customers are offered with a variety of choices in SUV's.

Mostly in case of SUV's like Force one,Mahindra's, Tata's, Ssangyong(Mahindra), Renault, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota and now Isuzu having its kid coming down. The vehicle has side profile similar to the Force One with an integrated roof line that too body coloured. Front grill is simple and lights remind us of the cadillac.

In this age of stylish and feature packed SUV's lets hope the best for this new arrival.

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