SCOOP: 13,000km Ferrari Drive in India

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so what are they trying to do driving around the country at tortoise speed??? it's not like potential buyers don't know about these cars........ like a person buying this sort of car wouldn't really buy it just cause it did a 11,000 run across the country.......


Or is it they are testing indian roads? well if they really thinking of increasing there sales in indiaon> there are only two ways

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Ferrari are not planning to launch in India for the next 3 years so there is no question of impressing Indian customers. The basic idea is to prove that Ferraris are tough. simple as that! The route essentially touches all the important tourist site in India, Taj, Charminar, Hampi etc. There is a film being shot and a coffeee table will be produced later. Also, there are 50 journalists flying in from all over the world to do different legs so access to airports is also important.


All this is fine. but to drive a Ferrari behind a Safari at 60kph? what a waste!


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Watched the Auto Show on CNBC TV 18 just few mins back. Full 30 mins coverage of the Ferrari drive from Mumbai through Pune to Goa. amazing.

Well the presenter did seem to be doing good speeds on the expressway and the golden quadrilateral Pune Kolhapur stretch.

car was also driven through TATA motors Pimpri plant right through the assembly line with tata employees lining on both sides to see the cars.

Good coverage.

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