Mercedes Viano based MPV from Force Motors is getting ready for Indian debut!

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After signalling its foray into high-end personal vehicles with the Force One SUV, Force Motors is keen on adding another high-end product, this time a MPV.

During the launch of the Force Traveller-26 in Chennai, Mr. Naresh Kumar Rattan, Chief Operation Officer (COO) and President of Force Motors informed that the company will add a new assembly line to its manufacturing facility at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh to accommodate the new high-end MPV.

He said, “We want to have a multi-purpose high end van. It is right now under development. We have to put an assembly line in the factory in Pithampur. It will take the existing plant into a new level.”

Mr. Rattan also informed that the Force One SUV will have 2 to 3 new variants possibly with features like four wheel drive and ABS. The company had sold 2,000 Force Ones so far against a target of 4,000 units in the first year.

The high end MPV planned is most likely to be the old Mercedes Viano which will be manufactured under license from Daimler with few modifications. The Daimler sourced 2.2L FMTECH engine which powers the Force One is expected to be shared by the MPV too.

The Force MPV will be positioned to rival the segment king Innova and the Tata Aria. Force Motors, in order to make any impact, need to improve its sales and service network.

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this is a neat looking vehicle , if it comes with a merc badge it would create ripples (though not possible),what i particulary liked is the seat channel that runs through the floor of the vehicle,call it smart seating ,never seen a channel thing like this before.

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Have been hearing on this Van's coming for quite some while now. Im optimistic on this one for spacious cabin & dynamics.

Force should bring in this one quickly to create a niche market before the likes of GM, etc. capture the market.

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Looks much better than Evalia. Could be a smart buy if priced properly.

But, I have my own doubts on the ability of Force Motors to come up to

and then maintain the quality standards with which we associate the word

`Mercedes'. I believe in `miracles can happen', and by chance or force,

if it happens in Force Motors, then the market will see a winner in this.

The sliding doors, sliding seats, various controls on dashboard are all

something different. So, is the `sky-roof' visible in the first and second

photos. So, it is quite interesting to see these features in a MUV/Van.

My fingers are crossed.

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