FIAT - No Answer to my Problem - Do i have a solution

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I own a FIAT PUNTO – 90HP Emotion pack REG NO TN 22 CC 9088 Year 2011 REG Jan 2012. The vehicle has run 12,000 KMS and I am facing with the suspension noise after running the car for 2000km I had contacted your service centre Concorde motors Chennai , after the test drive it was identified as stud nose from rear then I was made to understand that it was out of stock and had to wait for 2 months by the time the o rings of my AC had a problem which was changed and the first service got over at 5000 KMS

After a while I was called to bring the vehicle back for stud replacement on returning to receive the vehicle after 2 days I was in for a rude shock that the stud was not replaced and a engineer from FIAT has to inspect and upon confirmation from him the stud would be replaced. After a week a TATA engineer arrived for the test drive he confirmed that there is gap in welding joints and a spray has to used to arrest the noise. He also informed me that the spray is out of stock and once they receive it they would cal me. After a long wait of 10 days the service centre called me that the spray has arrived and took the vehicle and held for three days.

Now I was told that the link rod in the front suspension was an issue and they have changed it end result it has become so that a small thud noise in the rear has magnified to a bigger noise, and adding to it the front suspension is very noisy now . I took back the vehicle back and took their senior technician on to test drive he accepted the noise and says that there is a small gap in the front suspension it has to spayed and adding to it the door in the front lock is not functioning after I took the vehicle after service.

Secondly the rear door alignment had an issue after inspection they told the hinges is an issue but till today nothing has been done.

Thirdly I have called the customer time again but in vain my complaint no : TATAS 1-17281447828 and they have asked me write a mail to FLOURIDA but nothing moved even after writing a mail.

I really don’t understand what is the issue are the service centres not equipped to handle a problem or they use a customer vehicle to experiment the issue.

Please let me know the solution to this and now the car has done 12000 kms. “

My mail after inspected by your service engineer:

This is in continuation on the subject on the trail mail , there has been no solution to the problem. I am net here to explain to you what has been to by vehicle is right or wrong but the end result is the same.

Jacob tells me it is body noise and is persistent in every FIAT car produced, but I cannot accept the fact that brand owner of FERRARI & JEEP can produce cars with such bad quality. Secondly , he says to solve this issue every welding joint need to re-welded , if that is true then it is a manufacturing defect why should I suffer .Though I have been assured that there is no wrong in the functionality of the car and have live with the screeching noise of the body , I am not willing to accept it , I had taken a TD of the punto and it did not have any sound which was said. Since I am member of TEAM FIAT FORUM and enquired about the issue none seems to have the problem then why my car alone. I LOVE FIAT AND FOR WHICH I AM BEING PUNISHED. The saddest part is I am writing mail to the whole world in FIAT and none seems to be taking serious about the issue.

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