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Hi guyz,

I am going to buy a car in the next month. I was looking at Hyundai i20. I've always had a high opinion of the car,since I drove the introductory version and was quite happy with it.

I, wanted suggestions on the i20 Automatic and i20 Diesel. My driving is about 40-45 KMs per day and 99% city driving.. I don't usually go out of the city in a car. Please advice. Budget is not really a constraint, unless the price is below 10L. Thanks.

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@nagasricharan, as per your daily driving run, you should go for a diesel.

However, if convenience tops your priority list then in petrol AT hacthbacks i would prefer Honda Brio, followed by Ritz and then i20.

Also, depending upon how long you plan to keep the car, diesel cars will give you better resale value.

Anyway, to take a TD before finalizing it.

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Unless & untill you have seviour problem with driving manual transmission cars don't go for any kind of automatic, as it'll double your petrol bill & for your requirement diesel is well suitable!

If you insist in automatic, then strech your budget a bit & go for Ford Fiesta automatic (Diesel); It has dual clutch automatic transmission which no other vehicle in this price range has! It offers exeptionally well fuel economy & it works amazing too!

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First of all i20 is a great choice. If you drive in city then go for automatic but my cousin is owning a i20 sportz auto and he's got problem with its acceleration. So go for the diesel as its a great CRDI engine. Also the hyundai only offers the i20 sportz automatic not the asta , So go for the i20 Asta Diesel. It has more features than the sportz. Also you will get more F/E than the AT. Diesel 17+

petrol AT 11+

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Hello nagasricharan, If your price bracket is 10L. Why are you choosing i20(if this is not your decided vehicle), I mean there are many alternatives available in the market like Skoda Fabia, Ford Classic, Toyota Etios and the all new Chevy Sail U-Va! You should have a look at them also before finalizing anything. Duster is another good option in this price bracket. But hey its just me and my personal opinion. Do let us know about your decision.. :D

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