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FIAT turns aggressive for India

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Finally FIAT India turns to aggressive mode for its future action plans for India, as they revealed it today.

* Fiat owns 12 companies including global

players like Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and


* Fiat is leader in diesel technology,

partnership makes technology sharing easy

* Asia Pacific a key market for growth

* China and India are key focus markets

* Regional group office established in

Shanghai in 2011, to integrate the Fiat

business in Asia Pacific

* China driving Keep sales in Asia

* India is their biggest market in Asia and

fifth largest in the world as per projection

* In 1950, Fiat assembled the 500 with

Premier Group, followed it with the 1100

* In 1970, Premier Fiat agreement expired,

the 1100 was renamed to Padmini for 25


* Fiat to directly distribute Fiat-Chysler Group


* Rs. 15,000 crore invested in India

* India is expected to grow at 9 percent per


* Fiat will get a new small car in the B+


* Fiat will also get new C segment cars and

enter the SUV segment

* Today Punto and Linea cover 22 percent of

the market

* 2011 Fiat volumes was 0.7 percent

* Company looking to obtain 5 percent

market share by introducing new products

and will adapt to local requirements

* Fiat will directly take the distribution

process and give customer’s a real Italian


* To establish the Fiat brand in India the


* Fiat brand philosophy is to make products

that improve the quality of life

* The company will cater to young tech savvy

Indian customers, their key target is auto


* Fiat will focus on diesel technology, will

give customers good technology at value for

money price

* To launch 4 new products between 2013

and 2014

* 2014 new gen Punto and SUV will be


* All new Linea to be launched in 2014.

(source: motorbeam)

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While all of the above look promising, improving their Service and spares network is the need of the hour. They make great cars only to be let down by bad service and delays in spares. Working on that would do wonders for Fiat.

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Spare parts always a problem for every third brand in India but the real thing is the weak quality by FIAT, unlike VW or Skoda.

A good quality product can automatically reduces the need of Spare parts & visits to Service centre.

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Today Punto and Linea cover 22 percent of

the market

Where does it fall true in indian market perspective??.

Although I liked the move take by FIAT. Lets hope for the good of FIAT

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Its late for Fiat but there is still hope that this aggressiveness will definitely revamp the image of Fiat in India. Both Linea and Punto are amazing cars. Also still there is a Fiat-crazy crowd in India which awaits eagerly to see every new Fiat coming to India. They say, If you have owned a FIAT, you would never go for a non-FIAT again ! Letz see what is in-store for Fiat india.

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FIAT seems to have had some grey cloud following it in India for the better part of the decade now. Its going to be difficult to change the average car buyer's perception towards the brand. FIAT needs to take the business potential of the Indian market very seriously and go the extra mile in marketing and supporting their products. That being said, the brand has a lot of experience world over and if it really puts its head to it, things should definitely look up for them.

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