DDIS/DDAS has in-built rechargeable battery of it'w own ?

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I need some information on this specific technical issue. Seek your help and comments.

Does the DDIS (Digital Drive Information System) / DDAS (Digital Drive Assist System)

has it's own in-built, rechargeable, button battery/batteries ?

This data is needed by me as my Xylo E8's DDAS is behaving funny now, for the last

one week or so. The car's batter is perfect. No issues with that. No starting trouble

and no other electrical issues.

The Date/Time on the DDAS is getting reset whenever the engine is switched off.

It is asking me to key in the date/time every time I start the engine. All the other

parameters are OK. The fuel indicator, the mileage-to-empty, gear indicator, inside

and outside temperature etc., are shown perfectly. Becuase these parameters are

calculated on-the-fly whereas the date/time are `carried over' from the memory.

So, I feel that this DDAS must have a rechargeable, button type of battery (one or

more) built-in.

What's your say on this ? Has any ACI'an faced similar problem/glitch ? And, how

it was resolved ?

I did not talk to any M&M Dealer or Service Personnel, so far. Anyway, I have to

take my Xylo for it's annual servicing this month-end (max by mid-Jan'13). By then,

I should have sufficient info/data on this.

(oops ! there's a typo error in the title. Please read " it'w " as " it's ". Sorry for that)

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Hello rameshbabu.n, you can call the M&M service guys and visit them before your year end service. I am sure they will help you out in some way.

Don't go for any part change or spare part without discussing it with M&M guys...

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Dear Rameshbabu

From the way you put it ,it surely looks like an issue with the internal clock cell or some snap that does not let it charge .Never experienced such a thing before so canno pin point the trouble

Was remembering you the other day when i was writing about the TPMS that been troubling me (what would you have said about these hyped features in cars that after a while become an eyesore) on another thread about car features and here you come up with a similar feature riddled / riden trouble.

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