2013 Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is launced in UK with Diesel Motor!

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In India the Grand Vitara has not been as successful as its stablemates. Primarily due to its thirsty petrol engine. At a time when diesel rules in the SUV segment customers see no point in going for a petrol engined SUV- that factor has led to the downfall of the Vitara. But for all you Vitara fans out there, there is light at the end of the tunnel in form of the new face-lifted Vitara which has just made its debut in the UK markets. The reason behind posting this thread is the Vitara will no more be powered with a guzzling petrol engine but with a diesel.

Yes, with the 1.9-litre DDiS 127bhp diesel engine, the Vitara has another chance to have a second life in the still diesel centric market. This diesel is smooth and also has bags of torque to go with it. Plus needless to say the efficiency will be much better than the current petrol unit. Though it is not just about the diesel engine but the styling tweaks that have made the Vitara a more attractive package.

At the front of the car the bumper and grille have been re-styled with a more angular design and the foglamp styling has been revised. Additional changes include inner headlight black accents on 5 door SZ5 models, and new design 17” or 18” alloy wheels. As the spare wheel is mounted on the rear door the Grand Vitara grows in length by 200mm. This feature particularly adds some muscle to the design.

The diesel has also been honered for better performance and economy. The question is, "Will india see the Vitara's comeback?" Yes, in the future we can expect! Though whether it will have the diesel is still uncertain but Maruti being experts at the Indian auto-market will know that a diesel is important if the Vitara wants another shot at the Indian SUV segment.

I certainly think this has a lot of potential in India. I mean here is a diesel SUV that looks nice & has a diesel and will have the biggest service and sales set-up to back it, don’t bet against it!


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Agree PrancingHorse.. This has to come as a CKD. But I doubt if the 1.9 DDIS will make it to Vitara in India.

If it does, it means an official entry of another "National Engine" from FIAT for the SUV segment - the 1.9 DDIS.

Tata will pull it for the Safari Storme, Chevy will pull it for the Trialblazer, Suzuki will pull it for the Vitara and toned down versions of this engine - maybe a 1.6 DDIS will make it into a host of sedans...

It would be good to see Vitara with a diesel heart.. but it would appeal more to me only if it has interiors which can be differentiated from the SX4 or the Swift...

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it means an official entry of another "National Engine" from FIAT

It's is Renault's 1.9Dci engine, fitted with Bosch's EDC16C3 common rail engine control system!

But this needs to come as a CKD and not a CBU.

With Maruti's extremely large product lineup & semi-skilled workers, it'll hard to find empty production line with correct tools & correct men!

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